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Choosing the right ute service body for your vehicle takes some serious thought. Our truck service bodies are custom built in our local factory in Melbourne to the highest specifications with custom options matched to your needs. With a huge range of extras including colour matching canopies, drawers, ladders and any other extra you can think of.

MFI Service Bodies ergonomic designs promote productivity and lean principles to meet and exceed safety standards.

Our service body team create precise computer models of all our builds prior to construction, allowing our customers to fine tune their unique builds to meet and exceed their expectations.

Full Canopy

Full canopy service bodies provide enclosed safe secure mobile work spaces. Our focus is to maximise accessibility and whilst ensuring a positive seal against the elements. Ideal configuration for a range of requirements including commercial, emergency and recreational. Explore the range

Canopy / Tray Combo

Canopy/ Tray Combo
Canopy Tray combination offers a multi-purpose setup with part canopy and tray design. This configuration gives you the best of both worlds with tray area for bulky equipment and enclosed canopy for protection and security for tools and equipment. Explore the range

Service Lockup Module

Service Lockup Module
Service locker module unit maximises the efficiency of all service operators and technicians. The centre aisle and rear tray space provide a perfect location for longer and bulky equipment. Lock away tools and valuable equipment in the lockers which offer complete protection and a fantastic shelter from the elements when working in the field. Explore the range

Lift On Canopy

Lift On Canopy
Lift Off service body includes all the standard feature of the integrated range but rather than being secured direct to the chassis of the vehicle you can utilise that existing steel or aluminium tray. Great flexibility for users who require a secure area for all their goods and equipment. The canopy can be removed easily utilising the heavy-duty wind up adjustable support legs provided. Explore the range

Camper Body

Camper Body
MFI’s Cassowary Rooftop Tent is built in house to the same exacting standards we build our service bodies to, with the ability to personalise the design to suit your tastes. Built by Campers, for Campers, the Cassowary rooftop tent is your ideal home away from home. Super comfortable, super roomy, super quick to set up and pack up, the Cassowary rooftop tent is equally perfect as an overnighter or for longer stops. Explore the range

Drop Side Tray

Drop Side Tray
Drop side tray bodies are like all our products, built to a heavy-duty specification to ensure they can handle the rigors of day to day use. Designed for a range of applications including fleet operator, tradesman, courier, camping enthusiast, or anyone else that requires a quality and practical solution. These units are designed to fit all light commercial vehicles from Dual to Single Cab Utes. Explore the range

Whether it’s commercial, recreational, or emergency services there’s no better solution and no better value than an MFI Service Body.

Specialised Fleet Service Body Fit out.

MFI Service Bodies are the trusted supplier of OHS compliant, value for money, bespoke solutions for Councils, Government Agencies and Fleets alike. MFI have delivered fleet service body projects for major names at federal, state and local governments, and corporate organisations around the country. Comprehensive service from initial enquiry to final delivery is what MFI provide our customers.

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Our processes are optimised for fleet production

MFI uses over two decades of engineering and manufacturing experience in every element of our Service Body and Canopy build. The materials we use are carefully selected to provide the optimum balance between strength, service longevity and operational weight. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest machinery and our processes are continually refined to ensure efficient, quality outcomes, every time

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AS2294 (ISO3471) and AS1636 (ISO 5700) ROPS certification ensures enhanced protection for the occupants of the vehicle in the case of a roll over. MFI are accredited to design and manufacture ROPS service bodies [compliant with AS2294 (ISO3471) and AS1636 (ISO 5700)] for use in commercial, trade, construction, agriculture, and mining vehicles. While widely mandated in the mining industry, owners and operators in other areas should consider including ROPS in their specification for the potentially life saving benefit it provides and to demonstrate a commitment to the maximum duty of care.

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Ute Service Bodies

MFI have been leaders in service body design for over 15 years.

Our commercial body designs are tough, durable and manufactured locally in our Pakenham factory. If you're looking for a top quality service body then give our experienced team a call to see how we can make your business, fleet or recreational service bodies make your life on the road easier and safer.


How To Choose The Best Ute Canopy

Choosing the best ute canopy can be a difficult decision because you need to take into account the cost, practical use of the canopy, customisation that might be required and importantly the resale value of your vehicle with a bespoke canopy.

With a range of CAD drawings and an endless list of options to customise your service body we encourage you to give us a call and let us know what your requirements are. As a top rated ute canopy builder in Australia we have been trusted by fleets, government, emergency and outback travellers of all shapes and sizes.


Customised Ute Canopies

MFI Service Bodies provides bespoke customisation to ensure every single vehicle is equipped with a setup that makes your job, travel or emergency easier to manage. We create designs from scratch to best suit your vehicle needs. MFI isn’t a cheap ute box retailer - we don’t sell bodies nor do we install pre-made ute canopies. Instead, every service body build starts with a unique design and ends in a unique service body.

So whether it’s commercial, recreational, or emergency services, there’s no better solution than an MFI Service Body

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