Will A Service Body Impact The Performance Of Your Ute

Will A Service Body Impact The Performance Of Your Ute?

Tough Australian ute service bodies by MFI Service Bodies are built to manage a variety of workloads. Innovative design guarantees that our heavy-duty and robust core bodies are manufactured to meet and exceed the needs of just about any type of application. 

Whether you need a service body to organise all your tools or to hold heavy equipment like welding tools and generators, there are specific features to meet virtually any requirement. 

Service bodies can add functionality to a ute and are extremely versatile as they can be used for a variety of applications including recreation, family outings, or as a utility vehicle for work. 

However, fitting a service body can affect the performance of your ute in many ways. With that being said, the positive advantages usually outweigh the negative.

Impacts Of A Service Body On The Performance Of Your Ute

The main way that performance will be affected is increased fuel consumption due to aerodynamic drag and additional weight of the body, as well as the increased load carried by the vehicle. 

However, this can easily be offset against the fuel you will actually save in the long run by cutting down on multiple trips and operating more efficiently. Overall, a service body has many benefits that will make up for the increase in fuel consumption.

Will A Service Body Impact The Performance Of Your Ute

Advantages Of Having A Service Body Fitted To Your Ute

There are several reasons why tradespeople, campers, and off-roaders choose to fit their utes out with a versatile service body that can be custom designed to fit any need.

  • Fuel Efficiency By Saving Time

Despite the increase in fuel consumption due to the increased load, you will still save on fuel by cutting down trips for work or delivery by almost half. This time can be utilised by taking on more work.

  • Safety

One of the more important reasons for fitting a service body is the protection from theft it provides for valuable tools, equipment, and other gear you wish to carry in your vehicle for work or leisure.

  • Weather Protection

Expensive tools, machinery, and equipment can be sheltered from the weather, preventing damage from corrosion, rust, dust, dirt, and water damage.

  • Improved Storage Capacity

A service body will significantly improve the storage capacity of your ute, allowing you to complete jobs quicker and more efficiently without having to take extra trips to fetch a tool or equipment that you couldn’t fit in the ute previously.

Will A Service Body Impact The Performance Of Your Ute

  • Efficiency

It helps tradespeople organise their tools more efficiently, making it easier to grab the right item without wasting time digging around in a mess to find it. This allows you to work more efficiently and complete the job sooner, leaving you time to complete more jobs in a day.

  • Professionalism

A service body will add a professional appearance to your ute that will identify you as a serious tradesperson that can be trusted.

  • Not only does a service body add aesthetic appeal to your ute, but additional decals on the exterior of the body can help turn your vehicle into a moving billboard for your services.

Custom Design And Build

There are many service bodies specifically designed for certain trades but you can have your very own service body customised to suit your personal needs with specialised compartments and accessories to ensure the tray space is used to maximum efficiency. 

Custom service bodies can be created for almost any type of ute or vehicle. Our expert engineers at MFI Service Bodies use the same philosophy, innovation, and quality for each new challenge as they do for all our standard builds.

Although a service body will inevitably have an impact on fuel consumption, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. It is worth contacting a service body manufacturer who specialises in the design and manufacture of all types of trade service bodies as well as customised designs to personalise your ute. 

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