When Should You Upgrade Your Service Body?

Is it time you upgraded the service body of your vehicle? There are a number of things to consider when faced with this dilemma so let’s take a look in more detail in the article below.

If you have a fleet of trucks or even just one vehicle that gets used a lot, it might be worth upgrading the service body if you have had the vehicle for a while.

The question is, how long should you run an old vehicle before it becomes financially viable to start thinking about upgrades for the vehicle service body and when would it be better to consider a full replacement?

Bodies are More than Just for Show

You’ve probably noticed the popularity of bodies for standard cars. Car body kits are often thought of as being ‘just for show’, but they can have tangible benefits too.

Aftermarket body kits can make a car lighter (so more economical to run) and more aerodynamic. That’s part of what makes car bodies so popular among the ‘racer’ community.

There are practical uses to them, and the same is true for trucks as well.

Truck Bodies Have a Job to Do

Service bodies on a truck are designed to do a specific job and do it well. You might buy a truck carrying bulky loads, or heavy loads, or for use for a specific trade or even for medicine.

There are so many options for service bodies for trucks, and having a truck that has an interior fully configured to your needs can make doing business so much easier.

An Upgrade Could Cut Your Running Costs

It’s fair to say that older trucks are built to last. Their simple engines are low maintenance and you can run them “into the ground” without fear of them breaking down.

There’s a lot to like about older workmanship. Older bodies, however, not so much. Aluminium and steel bodies are heavy.

That’s good from a security point of view, but if you’re not storing things in your truck you probably don’t need to care so much about security.

Modern fibreglass service bodies are significantly lighter, which means less wear and tear on the suspension, and better fuel efficiency.

Modern service bodies can be water-tight, and they have good thermal insulation properties too, which may be beneficial depending on what you carry in your vehicle.

They’re low maintenance, easy to keep clean, and won’t rust or decay.

New Body or New Vehicle?

Given those questions, you may be wondering whether it’s better to get a new body or a new vehicle? The answer depends on the state of the truck.

Remember that while the government has not imposed fuel efficiency or emissions standards in Australia yet, it may do so soon. If you have a very old and inefficient vehicle or truck then replacing it might save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you cannot afford to do so, or the engine itself is not that old, then replacing the service body with something newer, lighter and more durable could be a good compromise.

Service bodies that are designed with your industry in mind offer numerous practical benefits and could save you time and hassle while on job sites.

Imagine having easy access to all your tools, with shelving and storage that keeps everything in place when you’re on the go. Or being able to transport people and kit comfortably in a modern-feeling environment.

If your service body has been damaged or is rusted and generally showing signs of wear and tear, then an upgrade is a cost-effective way of extending the overall life of the vehicle, and the side-benefits of lower fuel consumption and less wear and tear on the engine itself are not to be underestimated.

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