What Trades Best Suited Lockup Module Service Body

What Trades Are Best Suited For A Lockup Module Service Body?

Service bodies are designed for contractors working in the field to carry all the tools and equipment they use on the job. In addition to standard service bodies MFI Service bodies also provide our clients with customised modifications to match their specific work needs. 

Are you looking for a service body to keep expensive and valuable tools safe and protected while you are on the job or when your vehicle is left unattended? MFI can design and manufacture high-quality, strong and durable lockup modules with the exact specifications being determined by your particular trade requirements.

Do You Need A Lockup Module Service Body for Your Trade?

MFI manufactures a variety of service bodies constructed of rugged galvanised steel or industrial grade aluminium that are suitable for almost any vocational application or type of vehicle. If you need a new service body with dedicated storage for tools and parts utilised in your trade, a ute service body with a fully enclosed cargo area may be the best option for you. 

There are two important reasons to choose a fully enclosed lock-up model:

  1. Your equipment includes tools that you would like to be protected against harsh weather conditions that could damage such as electrical equipment and other tools;
  2. You want to secure your tools in case you are parked at a shopping centre or somewhere in which the vehicle and tools might be exposed to theft.

Lockup Service Bodies

Full canopy service body modules are basically small workshops on wheels. They can be manufactured in a range of configurations, sizes, and materials to enable contractors or service technicians to safely store tools, parts, and equipment needed on a job. 

This enables technicians and tradesmen to maximise job site productivity by focusing their time on doing the job knowing that everything they need is safe and readily on hand. Customised storage modules enable workers to organise parts and tools for quick access without fumbling through piles of clutter.

What Trades Best Suited Lockup Module Service Body

Trades That Are Best Suited For A Lockup Module Service Body

Typically trades that find the best use for lockup service bodies include:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Plumbing contractors
  • Builders and carpenters
  • Mechanics
  • Heating and Air Conditioning installation and repair companies
  • General construction and handyman services
  • Mobile equipment services
  • Painters
  • Plasterers
  • Emergency services

Whatever the industry, chances are that if parts and tools of any kind need to be hauled and safely stored in utes or trucks a lockup module service body can be utilised to great effect.

Does Your Vehicle’s Payload Require Protection From Theft And The Elements?

A standard service body is similar to a ute bed and materials can be thrown into the back without worrying about theft or damage from the elements. However, if your trade requires extra hauling capacity with greater security and protection from the elements a fully enclosed service body is best. These modules can be custom manufactured to include special features such as a high roof or low-profile sliding roofs in different height options to accommodate large equipment.

Adjustable compartment shelving can be customised to meet the different storage needs of trades such as electricians, plumbers, general service contractors and more. When it comes to security and protection, an MFI Full Lockup Service Body with double-panel doors combined with automotive rotary latches will keep your tools and equipment safe from potential theft. Waterproof protective materials ensure that your valuable equipment is kept dry and safe from frost, sleet, or hail that can damage and corrode expensive hardware.

Once you have assessed your needs and requirements you can collaborate with MFI Service Bodies to help you design the right type of lockup service body module for your particular trade and requirements.

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