What Is Full Canopy Ute Service Body

What Is A Full Canopy Ute Service Body? 

Are you looking for the best service body for your work ute? During your research, have you come across a full-canopy ute service body, but are not sure of what they are? If so, then you need to keep on reading below!

Whether you are a travel enthusiast, tradesman or emergency responder, having the right service body on your vehicle will ensure that you enjoy a positive experience during your endeavours. With that in mind, a full canopy service body is a common choice among users. Designed to completely enclose the ute tray, a full canopy service body comes with some important advantages over other available alternatives.

In this article we will cover the following:

  • What is a full canopy ute service body?
  • The advantages of a full canopy service body
  • Common alternatives to the full canopy service body

Full Canopy Service Body Definition 

Designed to be ideal for a variety of applications, including recreation, emergency and commercial, a full canopy service body provides an enclosed, safe and secure mobile workspace or storage space. As previously mentioned, these service bodies are designed and built to completely cover the ute tray, providing a secure seal against the elements, and also preventing unauthorised access to the enclosed space. 

The right canopy service body for your ute should not only provide the necessary security but should also be customised to match your specific requirements. More importantly, the canopy should be designed in a way that facilitates easy access to the enclosed space by users. 

Other factors to consider when choosing the right full canopy ute service body include practicality of use, cost and resale value of your work ute after fitting it with a custom service body. 

What Is Full Canopy Ute Service Body

Advantages Of A Full Canopy Ute Service Body

There are many reasons why full-canopy ute service bodies are so popular, including: 

Security: As mentioned above, these service bodies completely cover the ute tray area, providing a safe and secure place to store all your supplies and cargo. As such, you don’t need to secure any items to the ute tray.  

Protection From The Elements: Once installed, these service bodies provide a reliable seal against the elements. This eliminates the need to constantly worry about covering up your materials and equipment.  

Versatile: Full canopy service bodies can be used in a variety of industries. Whether you are a contractor, emergency responder or traveller, these service bodies can ease your day to day activities.  

Available Variety 

As good as full-canopy ute service bodies are, they may not be suitable for users who normally carry large items on a day to day basis. In such circumstances, you might want to consider some similar alternatives, including: 

Lift-On Canopy: Unlike a full canopy, these service bodies can be lifted off the ute using heavy-duty wind up adjustable legs. This makes it possible for users to make space for larger items, while still enjoying the many advantages of having a standard canopy whenever they need it. 

Canopy/Tray Combo: Made up of a multipurpose design that includes part canopy and part tray, these service bodies give users the best of both worlds. Larger items can be packed on the tray, while tools are secured in the canopy. 


Drawing from 15 years of experience in the design and building of ute service bodies, the team at MFI Service Bodies has what it takes to provide you with a full-canopy service body that properly matches your exact requirements. 

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