What Best Service Body Design For Plumber

What Is The Best Service Body Design For A Plumber?

Any plumber can tell you that they need lots of tools to do their job properly. As such, most plumbers have a ute to carry around all their tools and materials. However, these tools can end up sliding around the bed of their ute, which can result in damage to both the vehicle and to the tools. Plus it’s noisy! So how does a plumber keep these tools neat and organised while out and about on the road?

The answer is a service body

Mobile Workshop

A service body can become your new rolling workshop if set up correctly. They allow for tool and material storage and can be locked up to prevent theft. They can even provide retractable shelves that can be used as a workbench. 

Most plumbers typically choose an aluminium service body. Steel service bodies, while initially lower in cost, are prone to rust and corrosion, and are also a lot heavier than aluminium. Plumbers don’t typically carry loads which require the durability of steel, so there’s no reason to sacrifice the fuel economy. Aluminium service bodies are also better on smaller utes, which are more common for plumbers than larger ones. 

The lighter material also allows for the storage body to be a bit bigger on the same size vehicle. This is important for a plumber as they need a fair amount of storage space and room to work. When choosing a service body, make sure you select one with enough space to store all your tools while still allowing quick and easy access. 

Find something that’s big enough without being too big, however. Too much space and you are paying for more petrol due to the extra weight. You can save money upfront if you select a smaller size when you install the body, too. 

What Best Service Body Design For Plumber

Well Organised Storage

The right service body for a plumber needs to have a lot of storage compartments. Plumbers carry a variety of small and large tools as well as small and large parts. You don’t want your different types of connectors getting all mixed together; it’s not a good look to have to dig through a big bin of loose parts in front of a client. Compartmentalised storage areas keep your parts organised so things are easier to find.

Security is also a very important consideration. Plumbing tools are expensive. Even the parts used for repair have resale value, especially items such as copper fittings. That’s why security is super important for plumbers. That’s why the service body you select for your plumbing vehicle needs to have solid locks and durable hinges. 

The other thing to remember is that your service vehicle advertises your business. You want your service body to look good and represent your company in a positive light. Choose a service body that makes you look professional and trustworthy. A cheap, poorly-maintained service body is not a good look for your business.

What Best Service Body Design For Plumber

Final Thoughts

The right service body should be big enough to transport everything without having too much wasted space. It should also prioritise fuel economy over heavy-duty durability, as most plumbing is fairly light work. Finally, it should be secure and also attractive, to protect your investment and attract new customers to contact your company.

A service body is a major investment in your business. Be sure you select the one that’s going to work the best for your needs by paying attention to the factors discussed above.

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