What Best Service Body Design Electrician

What Is The Best Service Body Design For An Electrician?

Are you wondering what the best service body for an electrician will look like? Even though a standard service body can be a great solution for most trades, electricians need a unique work truck with organised compartments for all the tools and intricate pieces of equipment they need to do the job on-site without the need to order parts. 

Some of the best designs for service bodies used in the electrical industry have dedicated and secure storage for a variety of tools like wire strippers, screwdrivers, amp metres, etc. needed to complete electrical repairs or installations. 

A well-designed service body can help you get started as soon as you arrive on the job site. With easy access to storage compartments that allow you to immediately lay your hands on the right tools and parts at the right time, you can complete your work without hassles or interruptions.

Customised Service Bodies Specifically Designed For Electricians

There are many service bodies with different sizes and styles that will accommodate the tools, special components and equipment an electrician needs to carry out a job. While these standard service bodies may be adequate in most cases, many electricians prefer to have a service body customised to perfectly fit their particular requirements. The options that are available are virtually endless as it depends on your personal specifications. 

What Best Service Body Design Electrician

Utility Service Bodies

Utility bodies for electricians are specifically designed to include the dedicated storage space electricians need. From conduits to connectors a utility vehicle has a wide range of accessory options to accommodate all the tools, equipment, and parts used for everyday electrical work. 

The canopies are available in different heights from low to medium and high to avoid crawling around in the van to get the tools you need. A utility body can be coupled with a truck cab, a van, or a utility vehicle to provide the ultimate work vehicle for an electrician. A variety of additional features tailored for the electrical industry are available to help make your utility service body even more functional. 

Some of the more popular accessories and options for utility bodies include:

  • Ladder Racks – mounted on the side or top of the unit to stop workers from tripping over ladders lying in the cargo area.
  • Part Bins to further organise small parts like connectors, plugs switches, receptacles, etc. From small to large, part bins can be installed and utilised inside compartments.
  • Cargo Area Cranes – to lift heavy equipment in and out of the cargo area will reduce the risk of job site injuries and make operations more efficient.
  • Mechanic’s Drawers – pull out for easy access and make it easy to organise and locate the tools you need. Instead of storing power tools on fixed shelves, you can upgrade a compartment with a slide-out mechanics drawer to safely store items like screwdrivers, pliers, and hand-held power tools.
  • LED Compartment Lights – are essential for late-night service calls to ensure you can find the right tools and parts easily.
  • Power Locks for convenience and security ensure that you can lock your vehicle with the push of a button and walk away, knowing your utility vehicle is safe and secure.
  • Master Locks – for extra security when working in locations that are not considered to be in the best parts of town. Master locks will provide extra security for the thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and tools you carry in your van.
  • Cab Guards – to secure heavy or large pieces of equipment in the ute bed. Cab guards provide safety for the driver and passengers in the event of an accident or a sudden, hard stop.
  • Flip Tops – allow you to have loads of extra storage if you need to carry more parts than usual.

What Best Service Body Design Electrician

Final Thoughts

When an electrical contractor goes on the road, it’s important that they have everything they need to get the job done efficiently and safely. At MFI Service Bodies, our innovative, interchangeable and easy-to-configure line-up of service body options for electricians is what you need.

Out service bodies include accessories like storage boxes, shelving, and partitions, and offer practical solutions for any electrical contractor who won’t settle for anything less than the best in quality service bodies specially designed for the electrical industry. Create your own workshop on wheels with tough and functional storage solutions that will make your job much easier.

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