What Best Service Body Design Carpenter

What Is The Best Service Body Design For A Carpenter?

There is no denying that as a carpenter, you need to carry a lot of tools around to do your job. However, there are proper ways to carry the tools. You can just throw them in the back of your ute and waste time going through everything to try and find what you need or you can invest in a customised service body. 

Do you know the best service body design is for a carpenter? Have you ever thought about what tools you would like to carry in your ute? There are a few things every carpenter needs on a daily basis in addition to a few tools that are needed infrequently. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right service body for your ute if you’re a carpenter.

Sliding Racks For Power Tools

A carpenter regularly uses a number of power tools such as a circular saw, a compound mitre saw, a portable table saw, a planer as well as an air compressor and other such tools. In a customised service body that is specifically designed for your trade, you can get platforms designed for safely being able to use these power tools. These platforms will slide out from the ute when you need to use them and you can slide them back into the compartment for storage once the work is done. 

In order to use your power tools, you can make use of on-site power supply but in remote locations, you can always use an AC Power inverter that is powered by a battery along with an isolator. The auxiliary battery can be charged by your engine. You might also want to use a small generator for these power tools and a special box can be built into the ute service body for storage of a small generator and fuel.

What Best Service Body Design Carpenter

Connections For Power Tools

As mentioned above, when you’re working in remote locations, you will need to power your tools with the help of an auxiliary battery, an isolator and an inverter. All these connections should be incorporated as part of the service body design.

Platforms For Heavy Tools

Carpenters need air compressors and a variety of other heavy tools and lugging these tools around is no fun. With a custom service body specifically made for a carpenter, these tools can be mounted on platforms that swing-out. This will keep things well organised and there won’t be a day when you have to drive back because you forgot to bring a specific tool for a particular job.

Compartments For Tools

A number of compartments should be there to carry individual tools. A customised service body should have adjustable shelves and dividers to create flexible compartments on both sides of the ute. These compartments can then be used for keeping your hand tools, power cords, electrical tools as well as other supplies you need. Needless to say, these compartments need to be weatherproof in order to keep your expensive tools safe from the elements. Also, these compartments should be lockable for safety.

What Best Service Body Design Carpenter

Timber Racks

If you need to regularly carry standard size timber to your job sites, it is recommended to get timber racks installed as part of the service body. Depending on your specific requirements, it can be removable or permanent. With proper design, you can also use it as a ladder rack.

Final Thoughts

When you’re out there for a big job for several days, you do not want to make multiple trips to carry your tools and equipment. With a customised service body, you will not only have well-organised storage space for keeping your tools safe and accessible but it will also save you money in the long run as you will need to make fewer trips.

Overall, a well-designed service body for a carpenter should have enough storage space for all your major tools. The storage spaces or the compartments should be lockable to keep the tools safe. To help with this, get in touch with a company specialising in designing and manufacturing of service bodies for carpenters to get a design that works best for your needs.

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