What Is Ute Canopy

What Is A Ute Canopy?

A ute canopy is any structure that is mounted on the chassis, tube or tray of a ute and is complete with roofing, walls, and access points like doors and windows. They are usually used to transport tools and equipment for tradies. 

A canopy does not just add functionality to your ute, it can also improve the overall look of your vehicle. Installing a canopy is a big investment, so you must ensure that you choose the right one for your vehicle depending on your specific needs.

Essential Features Of A Good Canopy

  1. It must be lightweight. Additional weight means additional fuel consumption. Choose a strong, sturdy, but lightweight material so you will not spend too much money on fuel. Heavy canopies can take their toll on your ute in the long run too. The heavy load and regular wear and tear can cause permanent damage to your ute and affect its roadworthiness.
  2. Pre-installed rack or cargo bar. Choose canopies with preinstalled racks and cargo bars especially if you usually carry heavy loads when travelling or camping. These will increase your vehicle’s storage space so you do not have to worry about leaving any gear and equipment behind. You can go on the road or spend time in the great outdoors for days on end without running out of supplies.
  3. Swinging or lift-up door. A swinging door makes it easy for users to load and unload your supplies. When you are carrying heavy items, a swinging door will come in handy as you don’t need to free up a hand to open the door. A lift-up door is also very convenient because it can provide added protection from the harsh elements. It is also convenient when putting your supplies in or taking them out. 
  4. Side Windows. Side windows provide proper ventilation. When you use your canopy for sleeping, the windows will keep things cool especially during hot weather. It can also be an access point for your gear so you don’t need to go inside to get what you need. You can simply reach through the windows!
  5. Elevated headroom. Extra space is always a plus! Additional headroom makes it easier for you to move around when loading and unloading. Additional headspace allows you to add more functionality to your ute. You can install a sleeping platform, use the canopy as a changing room, and much more. Remember, any added distance, vertical or horizontal, is always an advantage.
  6. Carpeted headliner. This is important because it can keep the inside of the canopy relatively cool. The carpet can also absorb any moisture that can build up inside the cab during cold weather. It will also allow you to fasten things inside to secure the items. You can use velcro and other materials that can be attached to the carpeting to clip and secure your stuff.

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Canopy Materials

The common materials used in making a ute canopy are aluminium, steel, canvass, and fibreglass. Aluminium is popular and used by most Aussie manufacturers and custom designers because aluminium is very light, robust, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion. 

Ute canopies made of aluminium do not need any reinforcement so it is very convenient to use. Aluminium can withstand harsh weather conditions keeping your items inside relatively secure and safe.

Installing a canopy provides added benefits to your ute like the following:

  • Increases the resell value of your vehicle. Extra storage, more space and better aesthetic value means additional monetary value. In case you decide to sell, the resell value is much higher because of the added benefits.
  • It improves the overall look of the vehicle. Canopies today are sleek with beautiful finishes. The aesthetic value of your ute will increase significantly. 
  • Security – It keeps your belongings secure from theft, harsh elements, and damage. 
  • It can be customised to cater to your specific camping or business needs. Most canopies are customisable so they can look cohesive and function according to your needs and requirements.
  • It can be accessorised. Canopies can be accessorised so they look and function better. You can add work lights, roof shelving, cameras and many other items.

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Canopies can make your life easier, whether you use it for business or leisure. The added space and functionality will no doubt add more value to your ute. 

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