Ute Or Service Body? Which Is Best?

Whether you are a contractor, a plumber, electrician, or mechanic, all trades require a functional vehicle to carry out the job efficiently.

A work truck can be as simple as a standard ute with a canopy to protect tools and equipment or as complex as having a service body customised for a particular application.

Depending on the job a simple, basic approach of a standard ute with a canopy may be all that is required. However, for commercial, fleet, trade, or industrial purposes, a unique, customised service body is the right choice.

Here are some of the more important factors to consider when faced with a decision on which option will be best for a particular purpose.

Storage Requirements

  • What are the space requirements for storage?
  • Does every square inch of storage space need to be utilised for equipment, tools, or gear?
  • Is security an issue that necessitates items to be locked up safely?

A standard ute may be sufficient for hauling large items in the tray, however, when it comes to security a ute is just not designed for maximum protection and safety.

Toolboxes can create secure storage but take up a lot of space and contents can be difficult to access.

MFI’s service bodies are designed to be tough and secure and created to ensure that life on the road is made safer and easier, whether it’s for commercial, recreational, or emergency transport purposes.

A service body can provide dedicated storage space by utilising the sides of a truck or ute’s bed space for integrated compartments in front and behind the rear axle as well as directly above.

With a service body work truck, the user can pull up at a job site and quickly retrieve tools and equipment needed from easily accessible, integrated side-mounted compartments.

Customisation and Professionalism

A work truck can simply be a standard ute with a canopy purchased from a local dealer with a few decals applied for commercial purposes.

However, when considering service bodies, customisation doesn’t mean the creation of modular options.

As leaders in service body design over the past 15 years, customisation at MFI Service Bodies means designing and creating a work ute or truck that is best suited to the particular needs of a customer.

It does not include the sale of bodies with premade components but rather the creation of a unique design for each project that results in the perfect solution for each client.

The complete design and building of a commercial service body are done on-site at MFI Service Bodies which allows designers full control over the quality of their work.

Whether it is a commercial, recreational, or emergency work truck that is required, the best solution and value lies in a customised MFI service body.

Commercial Fit-Outs

MFI specialises in commercial service bodies that are lightweight but tough and comply with all legal and safety requirements.

Every commercial vehicle is optimised for safety, management of cargo and load, ease of operation, and productivity. The tough exterior is designed to exclude dust and water and is corrosion protected.

They have extensive experience in providing solutions for applications that include:

  • Commercial Trade
  • Domestic Trade
  • Fleet Service Bodies
  • Industrial Truck Bodies
  • Mining and Government Vehicles

Emergency Vehicle Fit-Outs

MFI utilises their professional ingenuity and exceptional design skills to support the emergency services community in Australia with Police, Fire, and SES Rapid Response vehicles.

A one-stop approach includes all emergency communication, lighting, livery, logos, and other requirements.

Recreational Fit-Outs

MFI offers a practical and tough solution for RV off-road vehicles with custom designs that include a full electrical fit-out with cameras, LED lighting, and sensors.

Accessories include a boat loader and a Cassowary rooftop camper, and an off-road vehicle canopy for total off-road touring and camping comfort.

The choice of a ute or service body depends entirely on the purpose for which the vehicle will be used.

A standard ute canopy can be customised to fit the needs of a particular application and there are several accessories such as roof racks that can make them even more flexible and functional.

However, for the ultimate work truck, you will need a custom made service body specifically designed for the application it is intended for.

If you are looking for the best service bodies in Australia for your fleet of vehicles, you don’t have to look any further than MFI Service Bodies.

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