Ute Or Service Body - Which Is Best

Ute Or Service Body – Which Is Best?

Do you need a work ute to carry all your tools and supplies to job sites? Does your job call for the use of a simplistic ute or would you be better served by a well-equipped service body? Answering these questions will go a long way towards helping you choose between a ute or service body.

If you are an emergency worker, tradesman or simply looking for a vehicle for your recreational adventures, it is important to make the right choice from the onset. With that in mind, read on below to find out which is better, between a ute and service body.  

The Basics Of A Ute

While it is true that a ute can be used for both recreational and trade purposes, they are not great at securing tools and materials. A ute is a barebones work vehicle that is most suitable for transporting larger items that can simply be thrown into the back. In some cases, the ute may come with a few integrated storage boxes built into the sides of the tray. If you want to secure your tools when using a ute, you will need to carry toolboxes in the bed; otherwise, you might have to make space for them in the cabin!  

Perhaps the main selling point for utes comes in the fact that they are normally more affordable in comparison to a vehicle that has an enclosed body or compartments.  

However, on the flip side, a ute has less load capacity. Furthermore, a ute is less customisable, making it less suitable for users with highly unique needs. 

What Is A Service Body?

While a ute is more simplistic, service bodies are designed to be modular. A service body normally comes with a collection of storage boxes fitted on the sides. The boxes contain internal fit-outs for better organisation and customisation. Normally, there is an open space at the centre, separating the storage boxes on either side of the ute bed. The open space in the centre can be covered with a fixed or hinged lid and also fitted with a rear door, for additional security. 

Ute Or Service Body - Which Is Best

Service bodies are a great fit for emergency workers, tradesmen and individuals looking for a recreational vehicle that offers organised and secure storage for all their supplies and tools. Needless to say, service bodies have a number of advantages going for them. 

For starters, service bodies help users get more organised. If finding the right tool always involves you jumping onto the tray and sifting through a mountain of supplies, a service body might be a better fit for you. The collection of customised storage boxes makes it possible for users to separate their tools and supplies; thus making for swift, easy and effortless recovery of tools during jobs.   

Secondly, service bodies can be customised to accommodate unique tools and supplies. This means that you don’t have to worry about making space for such tools in the cabin. Whether you need an overhead rack, larger or smaller storage boxes or a uniquely shaped cargo area on the bed, you can have it all with a professionally designed and built service body. 

Lastly, using a service body makes you look more professional. Considering the fact that you will be interacting with clients on a firsthand basis at job sites, it is important that you convey the right image. An organised work truck that is free of any unnecessary mess conveys professionalism at its best. 


To determine which is best, between a ute and service body, you need to carefully consider the requirements of the intended application. The beauty is that if you already have a ute, then you can always have a service body custom designed if you need more security for tools and materials. 

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