Toyota Hilux Service Body

Toyota Hilux Service Body

Do you want to transform your Toyota Hilux work vehicle into something that is much more productive and versatile? The Toyota Hilux is a good choice when it comes to choosing a work ute. It has the power, road presence and the space you need for a complete workhorse. 

Why not go one step further and enhance your Toyota Hilux with a service body that’s designed to cater specifically to your needs. Different types of canopies are available today to help you get the most out of your ute. A well-crafted service body keeps your tools protected from the elements and well organised which increase your efficiency and productivity. 

Full Canopy

A full canopy for your Toyota Hilux ensures a secure workspace that keeps your tools and equipment in a safe environment. The full canopy design provides maximum storage space and optimum accessibility to your tools. It’s available in various configurations or combinations designed to maximise the storage space and ease of use.

Toyota Hilux Service Body

Part Canopy

A part canopy allows you to get an integrated solution where you have a canopy as well as a rear tray. You get some serious space in the back while keeping your tools and equipment safe and secure in the enclosed space of the canopy. 

The space in the rear can be used for loading large bulky items that are necessary for your job but you also can enjoy the convenience and security of a lockable compartment to safely store smaller tools and equipment. It’s a very flexible design where you have enough space at the back for those bulky items without compromising on the convenience and organisation a canopy brings.

Toyota Hilux Service Body

Tool Module

This is a configuration where the centre aisle of your Toyota Hilux is left untouched to provide storage space. There are a number of combinations that are possible with this design. For instance, you can get a rear tray if that is something you want but it is not necessary. 

The biggest advantage of this combination or configuration is that you get enough storage space for carrying parts that are long and require some extra space. This design integrates the tool space with enough storage space for longer items. You have the option to customise this design as per your job requirements.

Toyota Hilux Service Body

Customisable Canopy

Further to the above-mentioned configurations, you can also have complete customisation which means you can have anything you want. Bespoke canopy design is our speciality. Our body design team can help you to get a service body for your Toyota Hilux that is ideal for your unique requirements. 

A completely customised solution that is designed from the ground up is often the best choice as it maximises the use of space and helps you get the most out of your investment.


Overall, a service body for your ute is an investment that will reap you huge rewards in the long term. With an organised work vehicle, you will become more productive and you will have more time on your hands due to higher efficiency and productivity brought about by your highly organised and easily accessible workspace. 

The only thing you need to make your Toyota Hilux service body a success is to choose the right design team that has years of experience in the industry and is known for its bespoke designs and high-quality manufacturing. That is where MFI Service Bodies are here to help you.

So please get in touch with our experienced design team at MFI Service Bodies so that we can provide a bespoke canopy to fit your exact requirements.

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