No matter the size of your business, your vehicles are a valuable asset. Your fleet is responsible for the efficient execution and delivery of your transportation needs, especially if you run a product-focused company. Ensuring the safety of your fleet reduces unnecessary costs and builds a trustworthy reputation for your business.

Dashboard Cameras

Technology has proven to be helpful when it comes to fleet management. Over the years, dashboard cameras have become a staple to document fleet operations. Other than a way to monitor your driver’s efficiency and promote road safety, dash cam feeds provide evidence in cases of parking violations or traffic accidents. They also make it easier for insurance companies to arrive at a fair judgment when you present them with hard evidence, eliminating disputes and disagreements.

Driver’s Qualification and Training

It is extremely important to hire drivers with a current license, clean driving record and prior experience of driving commercial fit-outs. If they seem like strong candidates despite their lack of experience, however, it might be a good idea to invest in fleet training. In Australia, there are professional training programs that can educate drivers to safely operate commercial bodies. With proper knowledge of traffic laws and how to operate the vehicle, they will be safer drivers and less likely to be involved in accidents.   This is good for everyone and cuts down on company expenses caused by accidents.

Fleet Maintenance

Poorly maintained vehicles may lead to road accidents and vehicle breakdowns. Smart fleet maintenance is essential for safe operations and assures your clients that your fleet is running smoothly. Approach a professional servicer for your maintenance needs. Bill DeWitt, a manager of fleet advisors, also suggests that business owners should foster a good relationship between the mechanic and vehicle driver. Once the driver becomes part of the maintenance process, DeWitt remarked, they start to care.

Quality transportation is the key to flawless operations. Visit MFI Service Bodies and see your business thrive with professional commercial bodies services.