The Service Body: Your Ultimate Tool Caddy

The Service Body: Your Ultimate Tool Caddy

Service bodies make it possible for contractors to bring their workshops with them when working in the field. To ensure that each user gets something that matches their exact needs, there are different types of service bodies on offer. You can find both standard and custom service bodies – with the right options for you being determined by your own specific requirements. 

Over the last two decades, MFI Service Bodies has been manufacturing high-quality service bodies using a selection of strong and durable materials that also offer a weight advantage. 

Are you looking for a service body to carry all the tools that you use on the job? Would you like some customised modifications to accommodate special tools and supplies? If so, MFI Service Bodies manufactures both standard and custom service bodies. 

After reading this article you should be able to have a good idea of: 

  • What to expect in our Standard Service Bodies 
  • What to expect in our Custom Service Bodies
  • Some of the Unsuitable Modifications to avoid

Read on to find out more about how service bodies are the ultimate tool caddy. 

Standard Service Bodies

You can find standard bodies designed to cater to the needs of users in a variety of industries. Whether you are looking for a service body designed to be used for commercial or recreational purposes there is a wide variety of options available to you. 

Depending on the type of tools and supplies you wish to carry in your ute, you can choose from a full canopy, service lock-up module, canopy/tray combo, camper body, lift on canopy and drop-side tray variants. 

All these come with a variety of storage compartments, tailgate and bumper with lights, bed and fenders as standard; with the layout determined by the specific design chosen. Furthermore, you can choose ladder racks, headache racks and toolboxes, where necessary. 

The Service Body: Your Ultimate Tool Caddy

Custom Service Bodies 

While standard bodies coupled with the available options are capable of catering to the needs of most users, custom service bodies are also available, for users who have unique needs. 

For instance, some users may want the service body to be designed and built around a unique piece of hardware that they normally carry around and use in the field, such as a drone. Others may want the cabinets and storage compartments of the service body to be of a particular depth, this is made possible through the use of custom designs. 

Other custom options include LED lights that come on when storage compartments are opened, as well as pole lighting attachments that can be used to light up job sites during the dark.  

To ensure a perfect fit between your vehicle and the custom service body being designed, it is essential that you provide the vehicle identification number at the start of the process.    

Unsuitable Modifications 

While it is possible to get a service body built to your exact specifications, some modifications are discouraged. For instance, building a service body that extends the entire length of your ute is not recommended. A longer than ordinary service body throws off the ute’s centre of gravity, even though a frame extension can be added to accommodate the extra length. 

In the same breath, service bodies that are too tall for the vehicle in question are also discouraged. This is mainly due to the fact that such service bodies expose the vehicle to strong destabilising winds. The same goes for service bodies that are much wider than the ute.  

Final Thoughts

Today’s service bodies are designed to accommodate all the supplies and tools that you may need to use in the field. Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose between standard and custom service bodies. 

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