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Service Vehicle Specialists Australia

Service Vehicle Specialists Australia

MFI Service Bodies: Your Service Vehicle Specialists in Australia

Are you looking for service vehicle specialists in Australia—people who can help you take a van, truck or ute and turn it into the ultimate vehicle for field service calls? At MFI Service Bodies, we can help you achieve the innovation and customisation you are seeking. From electricians and carpenters to mining companies, we have helped countless businesses, organisations and government departments design and engineer the perfect service vehicles for their applications.

Benefits of Custom Vehicle Bodies

When you work with our service vehicle specialists in Victoria, you get custom vehicle bodies for your entire fleet of service vehicles. There are numerous benefits to the custom designs and builds we provide, including:

  • When we say custom, we mean custom: Sometimes, when a company offers ‘custom’ workmanship, they mean ‘modular.’ You have a few different options to choose from and can mix and match different parts or components to approximate the design you want. That isn’t the case with MFI Service Bodies. Our custom vehicle bodies start with a design that is unique to your project. We don’t sell ‘stock’ bodies or use pre-made components. Everything is custom, which means everything is crafted to suit a need or resolve a pain point you may have.
  • Our designs will make life easier for your team: We strive to deliver goal-oriented service bodies to our clients. We want our service bodies to give your teams the optimal setups they need to work as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. From organisation to safety to cargo capacity, everything we do with your design will tie directly to a tangible real-world benefit.
  • We focus on quality and durability: Our service bodies are built to last. From construction to painting and beyond, every facet of your vehicle body will be backed by strength and quality. Our doors, for instance, feature a heavy-duty rubber seal to protect your vehicle and its contents from dust and water.

MFI Service Bodies

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Key Questions to Ask MFI Service Bodies about Our Service Vehicle Specialists in Australia

As you look for service vehicle specialists in Victoria, there are a few questions you should always ask to make sure you are hiring a reputable service body shop. These questions include:

  • What is your company’s background? At MFI Service Bodies, we have more than 20 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing and have been working in the service body design industry for 15 years. We do vehicle fit-outs for a range of clients, including businesses, camping enthusiasts and even national emergency services.
  • What does your warranty coverage entail? Always look for solid warranty protection when shopping for commercial vehicle fit-outs. MFI stands by every job with a three-year, 100,000-kilometre warranty.
  • What are your capabilities? Because everything we do is custom, our engineers can design your service body to include the features you want. With that said, we are happy to share our list of capabilities, which includes everything from LED lighting to ladder racks and partition screens.

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Why Trust MFI Service Bodies with Your Custom Vehicle Bodies

As your service vehicle specialists in Australia, MFI Service Bodies is ready to help you turn your van or truck into the ultimate service vehicle. Our experience, longevity and track record of satisfied customers show that we are a reputed business in this space—a business you can trust. Contact us today to learn more.

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