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Convenience and comfort in the great outdoors

RV canopies, camping and touring, and roof top sleepers

3 year warranty

MFI RV off-road canopies and campers are a tough and practical solution for that home away from home. They are as robust and as safe as your off-road vehicle with a roof strong enough to carry cargo. The company can build exactly what works for you. Your RV canopy Australia can have many compartments and shelving, or a fully kitted kitchen. Our custom RV designs can include LED lighting, cameras, sensors, or full electrical fit out. There’s even a boat loader or a Cassowary roof top camper; the choices are entirely yours.

For your total off-road and camping comfort, MFI’s off-road vehicle canopy is the best choice.

RV canopies, camping and touring

MFI’s RV canopies are designed to harmonise with the vehicle’s contours and are fully weatherproof and dust proof. They can be fitted with options from our standard accessories range. We offer internal, external and electric accessories. Your RV canopy can have anything from fridge slides, draw systems, spare wheel carriers, roof bars, door ajar alarms and solar panels. Of course, custom options are also available.

To find it when you get there, you need an MFI RV canopy and fit out.

Roof top boat loaders

A rooftop tinny is an ideal camping and touring accessory. A boat loader is the safest and easiest way to manage it. You no longer need anyone’s assistance to load your boat or place it on water. Plus, you eliminate the risk of injuring yourself or other people.

A two-minute job, the tinny loader can be powered either by a battery-powered drill or an integral motor. The space under the boat also turns into additional storage space.

Cassowary roof top sleepers

The Cassowary is a tough all-aluminium sleeper. It can suit our canopies and other compatible roof racks. Setting up tents may be fun but not when you’re tired from a long drive. These modules setup in seconds, allowing you to focus on other camping tasks and activities.  The covers protect the campers from dust and rain and sleep two comfortably.

Don’t lie on the cold hard ground, go upstairs for Cassowary comfort.

Lift Off Option

The lift off body option is perfect for city cars that drive off-road on the weekends. Fitting onto a standard tray body, it lifts off and stands fold-out legs when not in use. With our lift off canopies, it’s like you have two different vehicles from Monday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday.

Ute Canopies

Camping becomes more comfortable and convenient with an MFI Ute canopy. The canopy can be customised to include any of your camping needs. If you require smart storage solutions, they can be fitted with several shelves and racks and have several access doors for easy storage and retrieval of equipment. They can be equipped with lighting, a power supply, rooftop tents and awnings and anything you need to enjoy Australia’s great outdoors. They can also have automated boat loaders on top.

They are extremely robust and are able to handle constant vibration from off-road use. They are weatherproof and dustproof, making them ideal for any fishing or camping trip and a reliable home away from home.