Reasons You Should Convert Your Ute Tray Into A Canopy

6 Reasons You Should Convert Your Ute Tray Into A Canopy

Are you using ute trays to increase the storage space of your work vehicle? Ute trays are clever storage options to install on your ute. They provide extra and ample storage capacities that you can use to transport tools or just about anything that requires space. Ute trays are available in various dimensions, styles, and designs, making them ideal for improving the functionality of any vehicle.

However, do you find your ute tray is sometimes inadequate for your storage options? Maybe you’re concerned about security for valuable items such as your work tools. Maybe you have a lot of small items such as screws and nails and need more convenient storage options?

Regardless of your situation, maybe you should consider upgrading your ute tray with a ute canopy to enhance functionality and security? This article will take a look at why upgrading your ute tray to a ute canopy makes sense. Let’s get started! 

What Are Ute Trays?

Firstly, let’s take a look at ute trays. Ute trays are synonymous with Australia and offer practical storage solutions for utes by incorporating removable or collapsible sides to increase the load area. They allow you to carry larger or bulky accessories such as ladders, pipes, generators, toolboxes, and even mowers.

What Are Ute Canopies?

Ute canopies are structures mounted on the chassis of your ute, essentially replacing the tray or tub. Canopies can be customised any way that you like, and usually have the features of a miniature house, such as doors, roofs, and walls. You can use them to transport tools and other valuable items. Besides improving the functionality of your ute, a canopy also enhances its overall look.

6 Reasons You Should Convert Your Ute Tray Into A Canopy

A canopy is an essential item to install on your ute vehicle to improve its look and functionality, particularly if you use your ute for work. Below are six reasons you might want to do away with that old ute tray and install a ute canopy instead.

1). Increased Storage Space

Most ute owners usually install ute canopies to increase the storage space of their ute vehicles, whether single or dual cab. The best thing about converting your ute tray to a canopy is that you will dictate the dimensions of the new structure. With this ample storage space, you will save money and time. For example, when you are on a trip, you can use the canopy to transport all your tools and materials in one go so that you save money on fuel from making multiple trips. 

2). Enhances Durability

You will increase the durability of your ute vehicle by upgrading your ute tray to a canopy. Consider going for the aluminium models since they are lightweight and durable. Aluminium is a malleable and ductile metal that is rust-resistant and easy to maintain.

3). Boosts Your Ute’s Appearance

Installing a ute canopy is a clever way of improving the look of your ute. A canopy gives your ute an appealing brand-new look that leaves a lasting impression. The best thing about canopies is that you can customise your ute and get your preferred look. If you use your ute for work, having a canopy will allow you to paint your business logo and contact details on it so that potential customers will get to know you and be able to look you up if you’re needed.

Reasons You Should Convert Your Ute Tray Into A Canopy

4). Improve Your Driving Experience

If you feel that your ute tray is shaking or rattling when driving, consider upgrading to a ute canopy. A ute tray that is noisy and rattling indicates instability and can cause potential safety issues for the items you are transporting. Installing a new high-quality ute canopy will leave you assured that your cargo is safe and secure while in transit.

5). Practicality

Ute canopies offer enormous levels of practicality for a variety of tradies such as builders, plumbers, or electricians. These types of trades all need ample space for carrying their tools and materials around. When choosing the ideal ute canopy to suit your needs, you need to create a checklist of what you will be carrying. The list will assist you in finding a good ute canopy that suits your needs to enhance practicality.

6). Safety

The best way of keeping your tools and materials secure is by carrying them in lockable modules and drawers. This not only protects your tools and equipment from theft, but it also protects them from the elements and bad weather. The options for lockable doors and drawers are endless providing you with complete peace of mind your items are safe and secure.

Final Thoughts

Ute canopies are helpful when you want to improve the appearance of your ute while actually increasing its storage capacity. Consider customising your ute canopy so that it perfectly suits your requirements and gives you all safety, security and practicality you need.

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