Custom Ute Trays Consider Purchasing One

Custom Ute Trays: Why You Should Consider Purchasing One

If you are looking to purchase a ute for work or personal use, it might be worthwhile for you to consider buying a custom ute tray as well. By choosing to go with a custom ute tray, over an OEM tray, you get to boost the value of your ute while also getting more value out of it – this is due to the fact that these ute trays are designed to specifically meet the needs and requirements of users. 

To find out more about custom ute trays, including a variety of reasons why you should invest in one, please read on below. 

Custom Ute Tray Benefits 

As previously mentioned, custom ute trays come with a variety of benefits including: 

More Storage Capacity: If you normally need to haul large items using your ute, a custom ute tray can help you increase storage space. These trays are normally larger than standard OEM trays. So, whether you are transporting compressors, generators or any other large item, you can carry all these items as well as your personal belongings on a large custom ute tray.  

Added Functionality: Utes tend to be quite useful to their owners/users. However, if you want to get more out of your ute, say you want more features, a custom ute tray is exactly what you need. Custom ute trays can be designed to match the exact requirements of the user, meaning that you can use them to enhance the functionality of your vehicle with ease. 

Security And Practicality: If you normally carry valuable equipment and tools in your ute, getting a custom ute tray for your vehicle can help you keep all these items safe. You can get lockable compartments for storing all your tools and equipment fitted onto the ute tray. 

Furthermore, getting a custom ute tray with a variety of storage compartments also makes for practical use of your ute. You can organise your tools and equipment or personal belongings in different compartments, making for convenient retrieval whenever necessary.   

Customisation: Choosing to get a tailor-made ute tray gives you the opportunity to customise your ute in accordance with your specific tastes and preferences. For starters, you can choose your preferred ute tray material (steel and aluminium), and provide specifications on design and dimensions as well as the colour. 

Tax Benefits: If you normally use your ute as a work vehicle, a custom upgrade in the form of a custom ute tray qualifies as a write-off. 

Custom Ute Trays Consider Purchasing One

Custom Ute Tray Uses

Custom Ute trays can be used in a number of ways including:  

Professional Use: Tradies can use custom ute trays to haul all their supplies and equipment to the job site, in a convenient, organised and efficient way. 

Camping: If you are a camping enthusiast, you can use a custom ute to organise and haul all your camping gear across the country. You can also sleep in the ute tray depending on the design.  

Leisure: A custom ute tray can be used to store and haul all sorts of gear and equipment used for various leisure activities, like fishing, boating and surfing among others.  

How To Choose The Best Material For Custom Ute Trays 

You have two main options when choosing the best material for your custom ute tray, steel and aluminium. Your choice between the two is mainly dependent on how you intend to use the vehicle as well as the environment of use. Consider the following factors when making a decision:  

Weight: Generally, steel weighs twice as much as aluminium. As such, you should go with aluminium if you want to keep the weight of your vehicle as low as possible. It is worth noting that a heavier ute tray translates into reduced payload capacity as the weight of the tray affects the curb weight of the vehicle. 

Strength: If the intended application requires a stronger and stiffer ute tray, steel is your best bet. Steel is up to three times stiffer and four times stronger than aluminium. 

Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum is naturally rust-resistant, while steel is not – steel trays need to be sealed to protect them from corrosion by the elements. An aluminium tray is great for those that will be using their vehicle in coastal areas.    

Final Thoughts 

Custom ute trays come with a variety of advantages. However, to get the most out of your new investment, it is recommended that you choose the best ute tray material. 

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