Passive Keyless Entry System


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PKE’, or Passive Keyless Entry is a very popular feature on later model high end vehicles, but thanks to Viper, it’s now available for your own car. The innovative new PKE lets users unlock their car doors simply by walking up to their vehicle, or walking away to lock – because when your arms are loaded with heavy bags, who has time to search around for their keys?


Quad (4) circuit engine immobiliser
Bonnet, boot and door protection
2 stage impact sensor
Battery back-up siren
All black wiring
Multiple Upgrade Configurations to adapt to any vehicle
Memory Recall of last 3 triggers
Five Independent Input Zones
Two Multiplexed Input Zones
On board spike prevention circuitry
Secure Disarming sequence that cannot be duplicated
Programmable door and boot trigger levels for vehicles with ‘power save’ modes
Optional sensor inputs
Lock and Unlock outputs
PIN coded override
Chirp confirmation
Light flash confirmation
Viper PKE 2102V Passive Keyless Entry