Expanda XL Slide


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The slide that adjusts to fit most portable fridges. Maximise storage and minimise movement – no matter the fridge you travel with. With 81 different tray dimensions, the Clearview Expanda Slide is designed to fit your travel fridge perfectly!
The Expanda Slide’s patented Aussie design is also great for hard to access items like toolboxes, generators and barbecues. Adjustable fitting dimensions mean it’s easy to stow in most locations.
Suits fridges from:

National Luna
And more!


Patented Aussie design
Easy DIY assembly
81 different tray dimensions
Mounting hardware and tie-down straps included
Dual locking mechanism (locks in & out)
Heavy duty slides
Adjustable to fit most locations
Adjustable width for every 20mm, adjustable length for every 25mm
180Kg capacity
Massive 3 year warranty