Directed 3903TR CANBUS OEM Upgrade Security System (Nissan/Ford/Toyota)


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CANBUS allows the Directed system to communicate with the vehicle via high speed digital data, through either a single wire or a twisted pair, which ensures a robust connection with minimal wiring connections to the vehicle. Connection to the CANBUS eliminates the need for many of the analog necessary in traditional, hard-wired, security systems cutting the installation time, in many cases, down by as much as 50%. CANBUS communicates with most of the electronic security and convenience systems throughout the vehicle, so the alarm remains in-sync with the vehicle at all times.


Single Immobilisation Point
Bonnet,Boot and Door Protection
Built in Doubleguard Shock Sensor
Battery Back-up Siren (Pictured)
Coloured Wires
Failsafe Starter Kill
Superbright LED
Parking Light Flash
Horn Honk Output
AUX Output
Optional Sensor Input (MUX) Port
Ground when Armed Output
Long Term Event History
Rapid Resume Logic
Multi-Level Security Arming
Compact Design 15mm x 20mm x 13mm