Cutlery Set


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The Clearview Cutlery Set is the perfect addition to your current Clearview Pantry, cooking setup or camping/portable kitchen.
Containing all of the essential cutlery and cooking utensils, this is your one-stop-shop for all things cooking on the go.
Easily stowed, this cutlery set folds open/closed and can be locked closed via the straps.
It can also be permanently/semi-permanently installed onto the side of your Fridge Cage or table via the two carabiner clips/installation clips found once opened.


4x Forks
4x Knives
4x Table Spoons
4x Tea Spoons
1x Chef’sKnife
1x Bread Knife
1x Paring Knife
1x Spatula
1x Serving Spoon
1x Tongs
1x Bottle opener/Cork-screw
1x Chopping Board