Is Aluminium Best Finish For Work Vehicle Service Body

Is Aluminium The Best Finish For A Work Vehicle Service Body?

Vehicle service bodies are designed to withstand the elements and provide protection for equipment that is often exposed to harsh conditions. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle service body is the finish, which should be able to withstand corrosion and the rough and tumble of being a tradie while also providing a durable exterior.   

Aluminium has been shown to have superior corrosion resistance properties as well as being lightweight, making it an ideal choice for vehicle service bodies. In this article, we will explore the advantages in order to help you make your decision about whether aluminium is the right choice for your business’s needs!

The Advantages Of Aluminium Service Bodies

With the rise of aluminium service body manufacturing, many businesses are experiencing a change in how they do business. Some of the reasons why aluminium is the best finish for a work vehicle service body includes the following:

1). Higher Payloads

An aluminium service body on your ute can be better than, say, steel because it can hold more weight. The lighter the curb weight, the more cargo a ute can carry. With aluminium service bodies you get maximum efficiency when it comes to reducing unnecessary curb weight. The result is an impactful increase in payload capabilities with no additional chassis investment required.

2). No Rust

Rust is one of your ute’s worst enemies because it can literally eat holes into the body. Unless contained, rust will spread rampantly on your ute. In contrast, aluminium offers far superior protection against corrosion than steel does thanks to its innate properties which create an oxide layer that fends off decay. 

Thus using aluminium over time becomes cheaper due to this protective coating while also increasing resale value for vehicles since they are more resistant to rust damage in comparison to other metals like steel.

Is Aluminium Best Finish For Work Vehicle Service Body

3). Strength

Some service truck manufacturers now use military-grade aluminium to construct their work truck beds and service bodies. With the upgrades in alloy technology, you reap the benefits of vehicle weight reduction without compromising the service body’s durability. Additionally, aluminium can be strengthened with alloys, such as chromium and titanium. These provide an extra layer of strength while still being lighter than steel.

4). Longevity

Aluminium is a strong and durable material, which gives aluminium services a long lifespan that averages 10 years or more. Additionally, aluminium service bodies offer longevity because they are low maintenance and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

5). Reduced Chassis Wear

If you’re thinking of getting an aluminium body, consider the lighter weight option and how it will impact your chassis. A lightweight design can increase longevity for a service vehicle by decreasing wear on the frame from overloading or heavy loads that cause unnecessary damage. This ultimately leads to a longer life expectancy for your frame!

6). Professional Aesthetic

Aluminium service bodies are sleek and stylish. They can be mounted to the back of your ute, which creates a smooth looking design that is professional-looking without being overly expensive. The clean, sleek design of an aluminium service body will always leave a positive impression on customers.

Is Aluminium Best Finish For Work Vehicle Service Body

7). Fuel Efficiency

The lighter weight of an aluminium truck body means a lower fuel consumption. This makes them around 10% more efficient than steel-bodied trucks. If you know your business will be doing long distances daily then it is worth considering an aluminium finish for your work vehicle service body.

8). Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium is an environmentally friendly material for service bodies. They can be produced with recyclable materials that don’t end up in landfills, and no harmful chemicals are used either! In fact, recycled aluminium products make up 85% of total aluminium. This makes aluminium a great material for eco-friendly alternatives. 


Aluminium is a great finish for work vehicles, as it can withstand the rigours of everyday use. It offers an appealing look that many customers find attractive and won’t rust or corrode unlike other finishes such as steel. We know which type of finish will suit your needs best based on all of those criteria. Give us a call today if you want to learn more about our aluminium service bodies for your ute.

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