How To Fit A Canopy To A Ute

Canopies are a great addition to utes, whether for business or leisure. They add functionality, space and even elevate the physical appearance of your ute. Most businesses and outdoor enthusiasts benefit from installing a canopy on their ute. It is a worthwhile investment.

Ute canopies have come a long way. Today, you can find a wide variety of designs and materials and come with practical features and innovative built-ins.

When buying one for your ute, you have to make sure you understand what’s involved especially when it comes to the installation. If you are going to spend money on a hefty investment like a canopy, you have to make sure it is installed and fitted correctly.

A small mishap can damage the canopy, its security and integrity. Following are some important considerations the remember when fitting a ute canopy:

Measurements And Sizes

Before a ute canopy can be installed, you have to make sure that the measurements are accurate. Although most ready-made canopies adhere to standard sizes for most types of vehicles and brands, it is still important to have the measurements taken so the installation can go smoothly. 

The Complexity Of The Design And Assembly

  • For pre-assembled or ready-made canopies – this may take a shorter time for assembly because they follow a standard design and measurements. It usually takes two hours to two days to assemble depending on how complex the design is. Metal and fabric canopies generally take longer to install too. 
  • Customised Canopies – custom-made canopies are popular for businesses that want to maximise the space and storage of their ute for business purposes. Custom pieces take longer to manufacture and assemble. It may take two days or even longer to install the canopy.

How To Fit Canopy To Ute compartment


Once the measurements are verified, the ute canopy is ready to install. Fitting the ute canopy needs professional experience and expertise. Although you can fit the canopy yourself, professionals can do a much better job.

  1. Preparation – Make sure you have extra hands to help you with the whole process. Start by laying down a blanket or anything you can use to put the canopy parts on without scratching or damaging them. Lay the canopy on its roof and organise the other parts.
  2. Adhesive – Applying the waterproof adhesive around the body of the ute where you will mount the canopy must be done carefully so there are no bubbles or weak areas. Keep the waterproofing adhesive close together to avoid leaks. Once the waterproofing adhesive is completely applied, open the tailgate of your ute so you can start mounting the canopy.
  3. Fitting in the canopy to the ute – Ask for assistance in mounting the canopy. Make sure that it is accurately positioned and fits properly, otherwise it will not be secured and watertight.

How To Fit Canopy To Ute GMA

Ute canopies must be watertight, secure, sturdy, and durable. Doing the installation yourself may work just fine but to ensure that it is correctly and properly mounted, let the experts do it.

Most manufacturers and dealers offer installation services when you purchase a canopy.

MFI Service Bodies offers a wide array of selection of canopies that you can choose from. All our canopies come with free installation and a service warranty. We have pre-assembled canopies for the practical and price-conscious.

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