How To Make Bed Canopy For Ute

How To Make A Bed Canopy For Your Ute

Are you planning on going camping? Do you happen to own a ute? Believe it or not, your ute is the safest place to stay at night when camping or when you are on the road in the great outdoors. Why?

Instead of pitching your tent on the ground where you are fully exposed to the harsh elements of nature and wildlife, your ute offers a much safer, more comfortable space to lie down and rest.

Did you know that there many ways to make DIY bed canopy on your ute? You’d be surprised at how easy it is to have fun camping and stay comfortable at the same time. 

Turn Existing Canopy Into A Sleeping Quarter

If you have an existing canopy but you use it for storage for all your work gear, you can actually customise it into a sleeping area. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Add more vertical space and transfer floor storage above or on the sides. Make space for a sleeping area on the floor.
  • Create a pullout space that can be used as storage when not used.
  • Add more headspace where possible so you can roll-out a foam mattress.

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Removable Extension

It is common for campers to pitch additional tent space connected to their vehicles and canopies. Make sure that your extension has enough coverage so you can keep warm during cold nights and cool during hot weather.

Making a DIY tent extension on your ute allows you to make ample bed space for a comfortable night.

Things to consider when making a bed canopy:

  • Space – When you are camping, space is sometimes an issue. It is important to be practical and use dual-purpose items to save space. Sleep is important when camping. Make sure you have enough wiggle room and space to move about. You don’t want to wake up tired and exhausted, do you?
  • Comfort – use comfortable items like fluffy pillows or soft foam to sleep on so you get a good nights sleep. One or two items of comfort or luxury should be enough to remind you of the comforts of home.
  • Security – When you are in nature, you never know what lurks around in the darkness. Make sure that your sleeping area is closed off so no insects, animals or people can get in. Make sure that you are also safe from flooding, rain, cold weather, and other natural elements. Theft and break-ins are not uncommon in camping grounds too. Keep your security in mind when designing your bed canopy.
  • Convenience – When in the outback or travelling, the items you bring or use must be easy and quick to set up, clean, and pack up. Avoid complicated setups. Your canopy must be easy to use and quick to pack up when you are done.

Roof Top Tent

If you’re not really a tradesman and don’t have a canopy on your ute, then a rooftop tent is a temporary alternative to a canopy that you might want to consider.

This can be mounted on your vehicle’s roof or from the back of your ute. You are basically pitching a tent only this time you are elevated on top of your ute where you are safe from crawling insects, animals, rough ground, and other safety hazards.

It is easy to use a tent as a bed canopy on your ute. You just need to follow the tent instructions, purchase an inflatable bed or a comfy foam mattress to sleep in and you are good to go!

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Final Thoughts

Have you noticed that bed canopies are becoming more and more popular with campers today? Gone are the days when you wake up with neck or back pain from sleeping on rocky ground. You just need to make sure you are adequately prepared.

There are a number of different ways to make your nights as comfortable as possible. You can have a DIY setup or you can call us so we can help you design your canopy so you can have a more practical, high functioning space for both business and leisure.

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