How Easy Customise Service Body For Ute

How Easy Is It To Customise A Service Body For My Ute?

A ute service body can be as simple as a moulded canopy with toolbox attachments fitted to an existing tray or, it can be a professionally engineered, custom-designed, integrated and safely secured structure to accommodate specific equipment and tools for a particular purpose. 

MFI service bodies are ergonomically designed to promote efficiency and productivity and always meet the required Australian safety standards. Prior to construction, precise computer models of all builds are created to allow customers to design and fine-tune unique service bodies that will meet their specific requirements. 

Customised Ute Service Bodies

Bespoke customisation provides the opportunity to equip your ute with the specific setup required to make your job easier to manage, whether its commercial, emergency services, or simply for recreational purposes. 

At MFI, our engineering experts design and manufacture custom-made service bodies with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our motto is – “If a customer can dream it we can build it”. Here are some of the options available to give you an idea of what is possible:

Full Canopy Service Body

A full canopy service body provides a safe and secure enclosed workspace that focuses on maximising efficiency through accessibility whilst ensuring security and a positive seal of protection against the elements and theft. 

Manufactured right here in Melbourne, MFI offers an extensive range of customisation options and a team of highly experienced technicians to create and manufacture the perfect service body setup for your unique requirements.

How Easy Customise Service Body For Ute

Canopy/Tray Combination Service Body

A canopy/tray combo is a multi-purpose setup that combines a tray and canopy design that provides the best of both worlds. This configuration features a tray area to handle bulky equipment as well as an enclosed canopy that provides security for equipment and tools and protection against the elements. This option can be customised to suit any requirement.

Service Body Lockup Module

This unit is designed to maximise the efficiency of technicians and operators. A centre aisle can provide the space for longer, more bulky equipment while the compartments on either side provide complete protection where valuable tools and equipment can be locked away. A canopy and lockup sides provide complete security and protection from harsh weather and theft, particularly when working in the field.

Lift-Off Canopy Service Body

A lift-on/lift-off canopy provides all the standard features of an integrated unit but instead of the canopy being directly secured to the vehicle’s chassis, the existing aluminium or steel tray of the ute can be utilised for other purposes. This configuration provides greater flexibility and it can be customised for applications where a secure area is required for equipment and goods. The canopy is easy to remove by using the wind-up, adjustable, heavy-duty legs provided with the unit.

How Easy Customise Service Body For Ute

Camper Service Body

A rooftop tent is built in house with the option to personalise the design to suit any taste and requirement. Designed by campers it is built to be an ideal home away from home. It is super comfortable, roomy, and quick to set up or pack down. It is ideal as an overnighter and for longer outdoor trips. MFI  can customise your camper service body to suit your particular needs and requirements. Speak to one of the MFI experts who will be happy to discuss your needs.

Whether you are looking for a service body to suit your commercial business requirements or you would like to have a unique, custom-built setup for recreational adventures, MFI can accommodate your dreams and desires.

Find out how easy it is to convert your standard ute into a customised and secure work or recreational vehicle, that is perfectly suited to whatever your requirements might be.

For more information and assistance regarding high-quality service bodies, contact MFI Service Bodies. Set up an appointment today so we can turn your vision into a reality!

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