Convert Ute Into Carpenter's Workshop

How To Convert Your Ute Into A Carpenter’s Workshop

There are many features that make utes so popular in Australia. They offer massive versatility as they can be converted into a mobile workshop for tradespeople, or when it comes to outdoor adventures.

If you happen to be a carpenter, you are probably more than aware of the saying “a tradesman is only as good as his tools”. And that is why a service body set-up features high on the most important tools in a professional’s toolkit. 

A properly fitted out work vehicle could mean the difference between completing your jobs efficiently and on time and looking unprofessional and wasting valuable work time scratching around for the right tools and materials.

How to Create the Best Carpentry Ute Setup

Creating the best service body setup for your business requires some consideration regarding the specific storage space and accessories needed. A reliable work vehicle customised to suit your requirements will keep your tools and equipment organised and safe, allowing you to provide a professional service every time. 

What you need is a versatile workhorse with plenty of space for work gear. Safety and security are just as important when setting up your ideal tradies ute. Before you start choosing the parts and accessories for your carpentry setup, it is important to know about the essential components required to create an ideal ute setup.

Convert Ute Into Carpenter's Workshop

Front and Rear Protection

Unlike nudge bars, bull bars provide tougher protection from impact. Your choice will depend on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and work priorities. Front bull bars can also be customised to be winch-compatible.

If you will be working in building and construction worksites, rear bar protection is essential to protect your vehicle. You can choose between a standard tow bar set-up for basic protection or have a customised rear bar designed that will not only provide protection to the taillights and body of your ute but also look good.

Load Requirements

An important consideration is the size of the cargo bed or tray space for carrying large and heavy loads.

Tray Protection

A ute liner with a durable coating will help to protect your ute tray from becoming scratched and damaged which could lead to corrosion and rust.

Once the basics have been taken care of, you can consider what parts and accessories you will need for your carpenter’s workshop. A full-body service body is an ideal option as it can be customised to suit your requirements.

Assess your Storage Needs

Carpenters need a wide range of tools and supplies to carry out their work. Adequate storage is usually a major concern when creating a suitable service body. Some of the options include:

Underbody drawers beneath the tray to store supplies like nails, screws, and tools like grinders and drills.

Cargo drawers fitted into the tray for tools like saws and drills

Swing cases that fit behind the wheel arches

A removable toolbox

Decked drawer system

The types of drawers you select should allow you to organise your gear in such a way that everything is quickly and easily accessible. The best carpentry toolbox is secure, easy to move, and has reliable weather protection. 

Convert Ute Into Carpenter's Workshop

Create a Miscellaneous Checklist

Depending on your particular requirements, this list will contain all the miscellaneous items available that will help make your work easier. Some of these items include:

Tie-Downs to ensure that the load is kept steady while in transit

Cargo bars to prevent items from sliding around in the tray

Anti-rattle rubbers to eliminate noise

Ratchet straps

Bar-mounted ratchets

Removable H-bar or rubber ropes

Side Skirts and Side Steps

–  Running boards, tube steps and nerf bars all refer to individual footholds extending from beneath the doors on the passenger and driver sides and are essential for safety and convenience. 

–  Side skirts primarily prevent stone chips from causing damage.

Carpenters and joiners often choose an option fitted with roof bars capable of carrying large sheets or long lengths of timber. Create your dream carpenter’s workshop with a tradie ute setup fitted out by MFI Service Bodies. 

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