Guide To Ute Accessories

Your Essential Guide To Ute Accessories

There is always an opportunity for accessorising and customising your ute, whether you choose the OEM tub or go for custom canopies and trays. After all, the market is awash with devices, gadgets, and accessories designed to augment and enhance the utility of your 4X4. The tricky part is choosing the right accessories for your particular application and/or lifestyle.

While there are no standard ute applications, many owners will benefit from accessorising their vehicles. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the essential accessories that will enhance the usability of your ute, transforming your ute from average to a highly functional ute that meets all your demands perfectly.

Different Kinds Of Accessories For Utes

Ute Lid – You might think that a cover is a standard accessory you get when you purchase your ute. However, the reality of vehicle purchases is that ute’s rarely come with a lid. That’s not to say you should carry your equipment, tools, gear, or supplies without some sort of cover. 

When you purchase a ute cover, ensure it can weatherproof the tray. Additionally, ensure the cover is lockable and can safely secure anything you haul. You have the choice of a lockable roll top, fibreglass lid, and soft tonneau for cover.

Ute Canopies – Ute canopies are more advanced tray or tub covers with more functionality, increased space, and enhanced durability. Ute canopies are extension housing for the trays or tubs that incorporate compartments and ample space for your tools and materials. Whether you use your ute for work or recreational purposes, you can have a custom-built canopy that meets your specific needs. 

For instance, you can install an aluminium canopy with a gull-wing tool compartment with gas struts to make sorting tools easier. If you need a lightweight canopy that will not change the handling of your ute or its gross vehicle mass (and carrying capacity), fibreglass canopies are a good idea.

Guide To Ute Accessories

Roof Racks – The roof is a versatile part of any ute as you can customise it to meet your specific needs. More importantly, you can change the roof’s capability by simply mounting different roof racks. For instance, you can mount a ladder rack designed to load and haul ladders or planks of wood and long pipes. During the weekend, you can dismount the ladder rank and install a rooftop tent rack and other camping gear.

It’s important to note the weight-load rating of your roof. Some utes have robust roofs that can withstand a load of about 100 kg, while others can only load light items.

Ute Slide Tray – Slide trays come in handy when you want to simplify the ute loading process. Sliding trays make it easy to reach everything you load, increasing the efficiency of loading and unloading your ute. Additionally, you can invest in a specialised sliding tray such as the fridge slide or the sliding tray with sides to meet your specific needs.

Heavy Duty Tow Ball – A hitch ball comes in handy whenever you want to tow a trailer. Your choice of tow ball can help you maximise the trailer’s weight you can tow, whether for work or leisure. Keep in mind that while trucks generally come with an advertised towing capacity of 3,500 kg, you cannot realistically tow 3,500 kg and carry a load of gear or people in your ute. 

Spare Tyres Mount – You can integrate spare tyre mounts onto different parts of your ute. There are roof-rack spare tyre mounts that allow you to safely haul your spare tyres on the roof of your ute. Other tray mounted spare tyre racks attach to the front of a ute tray. 

Alternatively, you can choose a swing-away tyre carrier, which attaches to the tow bar. A swing-away tyre carrier also doubles up as a fuel carrier if you need to carry some extra fuel on your weekend trip.

How To Find The Best Ute Accessories

  • Application Of Your Ute – The most important consideration when investing in accessories is to choose a variety of accessories that will suit your work and life. It makes little financial (or even practical) sense to invest in an accessory that you’ll barely use at work or recreationally. 
  • Consider The Cost Of Accessories – Some accessories cost a lot while others are more affordable. Based on your pressing needs, you should invest in accessories that will make your life easier based on how you use the ute. 
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) – Whatever accessories you incorporate into your ute it should not bring you closer to your GVW limit. This will reduce your vehicle’s load capacity. Where possible, and if it makes sense, go for light accessories.

Final Thoughts

The variety of ute customisation kits on the market can help transform 4X4 dual-cab utes into bespoke vehicles. Pick and choose accessories that help make your ute more practical for your needs. Hopefully, this guide on essential accessories will help you select kits that enhance your experience of using your ute daily or during the weekends.

MFI Provides High-Quality Ute Service Bodies

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