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Gentili Ladder Racks

MFI Gentili Ladder Racks

Super safe and easy commercial ladder rack system

3 year warranty
Gentili’s G2000 Harrier is a commercial ladder rack system loads and unloads your ladder while you barely lift a finger. Once loaded, a double locking system ensures it stays in place even in the event of a collision.

The ladder moves between roof rack and ground with minimum effort; lifting and stretching are eliminated by a simple hydraulic assist mechanism. The ladder is released from and re-secured to the carrier whilst on the ground.

The G2000 Harrier suits a broad range of ladders and vehicles, has European safety certification, and has been crash tested to ECE R17 making it one of the best choices when you want to buy commercial ladder racks.

The Gentili is a top choice for service-bodied vehicles that need the feature. With a commercial ladder rack system, ladder storage is easier as well as safer. Because of the innovative locking system, they require less effort.

No lifting, no stretching, no worries.

The G2000 Harrier system provides the highest level of operator safety. Stretching and lifting is eliminated by a simple hydraulic assist mechanism. This ease of use is important for commercial ladder rack systems which undergo heavy and repetitive use.

Crash tested to be certain it’s safe and secure

A double locking system ensures the rack stays in place when the vehicle is moving. Adjustable anti theft-device (available as accessory) ensures the security of equipment when unattended. G2000 Harrier has even been crash tested to ECE R19.

Rugged light weight aerodynamic design

Gentili products are made from 100% anodised aluminium for minimum weight yet maximum structural strength, and for maximum corrosion resistance and so minimum maintenance. And the aerodynamic design minimises wind noise and the impact on fuel economy.

Versatile and adaptable

G2000 Harrier system can fit to any commercial vehicle to on the market. The stainless steel mountings can fix through the original factory mounting points, making it one of the most compatible commercial ladder rack systems available. They are suitable for ladders up to 60Kg and can be adjusted to suit different types and sizes.

MFI Service Bodies’ use of the Gentili ladder rack systems come from a long-standing trust of the brand. The commercial ladder rack-maker has delivered on their promise for our clients and they continue to produce the best product for use in our commercial service bodies.