Fleet Management

Fleet Management - Case Study

Client Detail
Commercial fleet client with a vehicle fleet to be equipped to conduct sample testing and monitoring of seawater, creeks,drains, pools & medical applications.

The Specification
A rugged ridged canopy to last longer in the field whilst in regular contact with water, chemicals and other liquids, to keep items cool and avoid bacteria spread. Secure storage areas for equipment & paper work. Open cargo space for bulky items and large sample transportation. Clear work areas. Auxiliary power to assist fridges.

The Client Problem
Water & dust contamination. Effective storage space. Corrosive chemicals.

The MFI Solution
30+ vehicle rollout with workspace, ergonomics and storage solutions. MFI solved chemical & constant moisture problems with combination of stainless steel and other materials. In-depth consulting resulted in an effective & visually appealing design:

The Solution Detail
Drop-down slides to lower access heights
Lockable easy-access draw system
Chemicals testing & storage areas
Stainless steel table/work bench
Mesh-type dividing walls for security
Double action water/dust tight seals
Secondary housing for personal/auxiliary gear
Paper work areas
Safe-mounting techniques
Shelving & Cargo bays
Water-tight lower tool boxes

fleet management
3 year warranty

Features & Advancements
Extra battery power
Internal lighting
Superior wiring & decal
Dual-cab configurations
Complete custom solution
Minimum space wastage
Maximum safety & ergonomics
Fleet-wide uniformity