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A proud partner of the emergency services community Australia wide

Police, Fire and SES rapid-response vehicles

3 year warranty

MFI is proud to utilise our design skills and ingenuity to support the Emergency Services. We strive to provide the best possible solutions for those in the front line of community service, to make their job as easy and safe as it can possibly be.

The ease-of-use of the MFI emergency fit-out design leaves the operators with all their attention for the immediate urgent tasks.

The MFI’s ‘one-stop shop’ approach means all emergency lighting, communication, logos, livery and sign-writing for emergency vehicle projects are done in-house in Australia.

Police Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue specialists need to be ready to go at a moments notice, and with lives at stake, their confidence in their vehicle’s gear fit out must be total. With MFI it’s a given. Our innovative designs maximise the ease of use and on-scene efficiency.

MFI Search and Rescue, we work hard to make your job easy.

CFA Vehicles

MFI’s CFA vehicles are designed for maximum on-scene safety and efficiency. Robust design and a well-planned organisational layout inform all our CFA vehicles. All compartments are dust and water tight. Generous LED task lighting and ample warning systems and signage are all carefully considered.

MFI fire vehicles, you’ve got enough to worry about.

SES Vehicles

MFI is also proud to support the State Emergency Service. As with the CFA emergency fit-outs, safety and efficiency are the key design elements, with easy access drawers and clever storage. Close client communications ensure we meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

MFI emergency vehicles, the best way to plan for the worst

Rapid response

Rapid Response vehicles need to carry a broad range of equipment. Organisation, clever space management, and ease-of-access to every item are all essential. MFI’s design skills and ability to innovate make them the ideal partner for any brigade.

MFI Rapid Response, stowage designs that work under pressure.

Field command vehicle

Field Command vehicles need to be equipped for action. In addition, they also have to facilitate the coordination between all teams. As with all our emergency fit-out designs, safety, organisation, communication and smart storage play their part.

MFI Field Command vehicles that take you to the front