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Custom Ute Bodies

Custom Ute Bodies

Upgrade Your Trade Fleet with Custom Ute Bodies

Custom ute bodies can help you wring big productivity gains out of your fleet of trade or service vehicles. At MFI Service Bodies, we regularly upgrade utility vehicles with tipper bodies, ladder rack systems, shelving, storage bins, slide-out work benches, trays and more. Our job is to make your ute better suited to the work you’re doing every day.

Why You Should Use MFI Service Bodies

When it comes to custom ute bodies, MFI Service Bodies is the gold standard. We pride ourselves on helping our customers unlock the potential of their commercial vehicles with innovative, ergonomic, productivity-driven designs. Here are a few reasons to choose us for your commercial vehicle fit-outs:

  • Twenty years of experience: You can rest assured that you are in capable hands with MFI Service Bodies, in part because of our extensive experience. With a 20-year background in engineering, manufacturing and commercial vehicle design, we are more than capable of helping you translate your service fleet vision into reality.
  • Our custom approach: We take a from-the-ground-up custom approach to our vehicle fit-outs. When you come to us for fleet ute trays or other improvements, we will work with you to envision and design every facet of your service body upgrade. We don’t cut corners or incorporate off-the-shelf components that don’t quite fit. Instead, we execute a full custom design to ensure that your service vehicle design is fully calibrated to meet your unique needs.
  • Our versatile array of skills: In addition to working on trade utes and other commercial vehicles, we also collaborate with clients on non-commercial projects. We are proud to partner with many emergency services departments throughout Australia, supporting those departments with vehicle fit-outs for police, fire, State Emergency Service and more. We also serve the domestic market, outfitting RVs and utes with canopies, roof bars, solar panels, fridge slides and other features ideal for camping and outdoor recreation.

MFI Service Bodies

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What You Should Know about Custom Ute Bodies

Much goes into creating the perfect custom design for your fleet vehicle. If you decide to work with our team for a custom ute fit-out, keep these factors in mind:

  • The sky is the limit with design features: Our goal is to meet the needs of the client as closely as possible. Our engineers work tirelessly to tailor a ute design that makes sense for your business, your team and the work you are doing. What we can accomplish with these custom designs is extensive, ranging from fleet ute trays to onboard water tanks and beyond. If there is something you need in your commercial vehicle design, just let us know, and we will do our best to incorporate it.
  • You can finesse your design throughout the process: Vehicle fit-outs can be stressful when customers assume that they need to make every design decision upfront. We use computer modelling to create 3D CAD drawings of your design and detailed spec sheets for your vehicle before we do any manufacturing. This step allows our customers to see their vehicle designs and add or reconsider elements before we finalise the design.

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Why Trust MFI Service Bodies for Fleet Ute Trays and Other Upgrades

For 20 years, MFI Service Bodies has been a go-to authority on all matters relating to custom ute bodies or service fleet fit-outs. Customers across Australia trust us with their vehicle upgrades, from fire departments to the skilled trades. Contact us today to take advantage of our considerable skill and experience.

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