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Service bodies, optimised to outperform in your business

Fleet, Trade, Mining, Trays, Trucks, and Canopy/Tray combos

3 year warranty

MFI know commercial bodies. We know service bodies have to be more than good looking. They have to be tough, lightweight and exceed any safety or legal requirements. Most important of all, they have to work well for your business, and yet still be flexible enough for the changing demands.

We have the skill and technology to customise every service body for optimum vehicle and personnel safety, load and cargo management, operational ease and productivity, dust and water exclusion, and corrosion protection. Quality build features that minimise downtime and underpin the return on investment.


MFI have a proven success record with fleet customers. Every business has its particular requirements, whether it’s operational elements or things relating to safety and compliance. Being able to consistently provide high quality, repeatable solutions has been the key to MFI’s success.

For fleet service bodies, you can’t do better than MFI.

Commercial Trade

MFI builds bodies for every type of trade and business. Our extensive range of options and accessories can make everybody’s job easier and safer. And MFI options are only the beginning. We have the expertise to customise every service body to your exact requirements.

Whatever the trade, whatever the business, MFI have the solution.

Domestic Trade

Our expertise in space management and storage design makes MFI the most effective solution for even the most challenging applications. The range of options is extensive including racking, single or two draw configurations, as well as slide out benches and workspaces.

Whether you’re a courier, a tradie, or a mobile business, it’s MFI for efficiency, productivity, and overall safety.

Canopy/Tray combo

Sometimes the solution is a mix of secure storage and open load space for bulky items or equipment. That’s when you need an MFI canopy combo. The way the available space is divided and configured comes back to the client’s particular requirements.

Mining Government

MFI can meet and exceed any of the requirements of the mining industry, including ROPS certification. Other features relating to vehicle and personnel safety, load and cargo management, dust and water exclusion, corrosion protection and low centre of gravity are often standard MFI features.

MFI delivers on service bodies for mine sites.


MFI can provide quality custom truck bodies for industrial service, removal, haulage, and any other truck body application. Our experience with accommodating complex equipment, and load control and management makes MFI the preferred supplier to industrial customers Australia wide.

MFI are the truck body partners for your business.


No matter what the load, no matter what the application, an MFI tray will do the job and go the distance. All trays are custom made from the best materials and with the best techniques available and finished with a colour matched two pack finish.

If you need the best value tray, you need an MFI tray.