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Commercial Vehicle Design

Commercial Vehicle Design

Work with MFI Service Bodies for Your Commercial Vehicle Design Needs

When you need help with commercial vehicle design, MFI Service Bodies is the company to call. Whether you are outfitting a single vehicle or an entire fleet of commercial service trucks, we can help you get the right design to suit your needs.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Commercial Vehicle Fit-outs

At MFI Service Bodies, our goal is to help you execute the perfect trade vehicle fit-out. Here are some common errors and pitfalls that we will help you avoid:

  • Not considering every factor: There are several different angles to consider when it comes to designing a commercial or trade vehicle. Capacity, rugged design, weight, cargo management, load-bearing capability, safe and legal compliance are all elements of the equation. One common mistake of the fit-out process is focusing too much on one or two of these elements and not enough on all of them. We help you see the full picture.
  • Trying to incorporate off-the-shelf components: We do custom commercial vehicle design, and when we say ‘custom,’ we mean it. We aren’t trying to integrate off-the-shelf tray or racking solutions into a mostly custom design. Instead, we design and build every piece of your service body from the ground up, to make sure you get a vehicle or fleet that fits your business like a glove.
  • Not checking warranty: Modifying a vehicle to suit commercial purposes can be risky if you don’t have proper warranty coverage in place. MFI Service Bodies provides a market-leading warranty on every fit-out job we do, covering you for three years or 100,000 kilometres.

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Tips Regarding Commercial Vehicle Design

If you are going to invest in commercial vehicle fit-outs, consider these tips to ensure that you get the highest ROI possible:

  • Think critically about what you need: At MFI Service Bodies, our vehicle fit-outs are driven by you. These services are about your business and what you need to do your work effectively, efficiently, safely and compliantly. Spend some time to think about the design features that are going to make your life easier. The more you can tell us about what you want from your fit-out, the better our designs will be.
  • Pay attention to regulations and legal requirements: Are there any specific requirements or regulations you need to meet for commercial vehicles within your industry. Spend some time researching these facets, to make sure you incorporate them into your fit-out.
  • Don’t delay: A trade vehicle fit-out can make a huge difference in business productivity for you and your team. Investing in this kind of service body improvement sooner rather than later, is valuable.

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Why Trust MFI Service Bodies Regarding Commercial Vehicle Design

With more than 20 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, MFI Service Bodies is your go-to source for commercial vehicle design and fit-outs. Contact us today to get started on your vehicle or fleet redesign.

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