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When Do Need MFI Canopy Combo

When Do You Need An MFI Canopy Combo?

Are you confused as to what type of service body you need for your vehicle? When you are searching for the most suitable truck body for your vehicle, you will find a host of options on the market to choose…

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Make Your Trade Vehicles More Efficient

Tips to Make Your Trade Vehicles More Efficient

The running costs of a fleet are some of the biggest overheads for a lot of businesses. If you are in the shipping, haulage, transportation or delivery industry then you’ll be spending a lot of time, money and resources (human…

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Top Benefits Of Service Body

The Top Benefits Of A Service Body

Do you get frustrated trying to find misplaced tools in your work ute or truck? Do you want to look more professional to your customers and potential customers? If so, please continue reading. If the above comments sound like you,…

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Ute Or Service Body For Your Work Vehicle

Ute Or Service Body? Which Is Best?

Whether you are a contractor, a plumber, electrician, or mechanic, all trades require a functional vehicle to carry out the job efficiently. A work truck can be as simple as a standard ute with a canopy to protect tools and…

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When Upgrade Service Body

When Should You Upgrade Your Service Body?

Is it time you upgraded the service body of your vehicle? There are a number of things to consider when faced with this dilemma so let’s take a look in more detail in the article below. If you have a…

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December 2018 Newsletter

MFI Service Bodies – the yearly review As you are no doubt aware, 2018 has come and gone – and what a year it’s been! This was our first full year in our new factory, following the successful move from…

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