Can Canopies Affect The Performance Of Your Ute?

A ute is a versatile vehicle that can be used for recreation, work, and even for family use. They are one of the most popular vehicle accessories today.

They add functionality, versatility, and improve the aesthetics of your vehicle. Canopies have many benefits and can affect the performance of your ute, in good ways more than bad.

How does it affect performance? Although there can be aerodynamic drag due to the weight of the canopy and additional weight of the load which may affect the fuel consumption of your ute, you actually save fuel in the long run because you aren’t making multiple trips.

In fact, there are more benefits to having a canopy on your vehicle than disadvantages.

Advantages Of Having A Canopy On Your Ute

  1. It significantly improves your vehicle’s storage capacity. This will allow you to pack and transport more items in a single trip. A usual load that takes two to three trips to complete can be done in just one trip if you have a canopy on your ute. This will save you time, fuel, and money.
  2. Easy transport of goods and other items. A canopy can help you organise your space and storage. With tailgates, drop-down sides, racks, and locks, items are more secure, you have more space, loading and unloading are more convenient.
  3. Fuel efficiency. Although the heavy load may cost more in terms of fuel consumption, you still save on fuel because canopies can cut your delivery trips in half, maybe even more. You don’t just save on fuel, you also save on time. This means you have more time to take on more work and more delivery trips.
  4. It improves the appearance or appeal of your vehicle. A well-designed and customised canopy will add to the aesthetic value of your vehicle. Your ute will not just function well, it will look good too.
  5. It is convenient. A canopy is removable so you can attach it or remove it whenever convenient. For example, if you are transporting heavy loads but will be restricted due to the presence of the canopy, you can easily remove the canopy to accommodate the bigger load.
  6. Added security. Items are more secure from theft and damage. The canopy can be locked and fully secured. Items are also safe from damage because storage areas in the canopy can be customised to secure fragile items.
  7. Better functionality. Because the storage and layout of the canopy can be customised according to your needs, your ute’s functionality is improved by the canopy.

Types Of Canopies You Can Choose From

Fibreglass Canopies – a popular type of canopy for utes.

  • Light so they are good for fuel-efficiency.
  • Robust.
  • Strong abrasive-resistance.
  • Natural oxide coating.
  • It does not deteriorate.

Aluminium Canopies – they are popular because aluminium is light and durable and gives a sleek look that will complement your ute’s appearance. 

  • They are sturdy.
  • Can withstand Australian weather conditions.
  • Lightweight so good for fuel-efficiency.
  • Resistant to wear and tear.
  • Less prone to rusting.

Canvas Canopies – canvas looks good on your vehicle especially if you customise the colour and style.

  • They are less expensive compared to fibreglass and aluminium.
  • Easy installation and quick removal.

Important Reminders:

  • Research before you buy it. Installing a canopy is expensive. Make sure you choose the right dealer and manufacturer so you will not end up spending too much.
  • Determine your needs and the main reason for installing the canopy. This will guide you in choosing the type of canopy to choose.
  • Set a budget. Canopies are expensive. Consider your needs and the customisations you need to incorporate and stick to your budget. It is easy to get lost in innovation, add-ons, and special features.
  • List down the features you want, the style, storage layout, and other important factors so it will be easy to stay on track and stay on budget.
  • How often and how heavy is the load your canopy will be taking on? This is an important consideration for the type of canopy to install, features, and budget.

Canopies are great additional features for your ute that can provide significant added benefits. Whether you are using it for business, travel, leisure, or personal use, it is a good investment.

And like any investment, you need to do your due diligence by doing some research so you can choose the right one for you. You need to strike a good balance between beauty and function.

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