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Ute Canopy

The Benefits of Fitting a Canopy to Your Commercial Service Body

If you run a business that requires the constant transportation of equipment, you may have a fleet of utility vehicles (Utes). Whether you need to carry small or large tools or transport bulky equipment, Utes are the easiest and most convenient way to bring your tools or equipment with you on the road. You can enhance your Ute by adding specific service body fit-outs that will allow you to safely carry and organise such items as toolboxes or heavy-duty equipment.

To ensure that your tools and equipment are secure in your vehicle, you might want to consider adding canopies to your fleet of commercial vehicles.

Securing Tools and Equipment

Utes are great for carrying equipment and tools, but if they are not secured or placed properly, they may get thrown around inside the Ute. Installing a canopy on your Ute provides safety and security to your stored equipment or tools. It also protects the inside of your vehicle by providing a dust and moisture-resistant feature to protect your tools and equipment from the harsh environment.

Immediately at Hand

Having canopies that allow you to organise and securely store your equipment means that you’ll arrive at the job ready to start. There’ll be no wasting time scrabbling for parts of tools that have slid around the back of the vehicle. Just open up the relevant compartments or pluck what you need from the built-in shelving and you’re good to go.

MFI’s Ute Canopies

MFI provides tough, lightweight canopies for commercial Utes that adhere to Australian safety standards. We have the technology and skills to customise any service body depending on your specifications. Our canopies ensure that your equipment is secured in your Ute safely.

If you want to inquire about our canopies for commercial service bodies, call 1300 634 669.

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RV for Camping

The 5 Crucial Things to Have for a Successful Camping Trip

Here at MFI Service bodies, we customise vehicles to better suit their intended use.

One of our more popular services in Australia is RV Canopy builds and this doesn’t come as a surprise. According to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, 85% of Australians have participated in caravanning or camping. Here in Australia, camping is easy with many beautiful locations to visit around the country.

When packing for a camping trip, some essentials are obvious: clothes, the tent, blankets, bedding, etc. However, there are some things that might not be too obvious but are still very important.

Sturdy, Used Shoes

When hiking is part of the plan, it is necessary to bring the right footwear. But, before you go out to buy a pair of new boots, try on the old pair you already have. There is a good reason to prefer your familiar old footwear over a new pair of shoes: your old shoes are tried and tested. Just imagine realising an hour into the trek that your new boots are nipping your toes and giving you blisters.

Insect repellent

Some insects are harmless, and some are not. Insect repellent, whether a lotion or a spray, makes you unattractive to the biting critters. Be prepared to put the repellent on liberally and often, and you will be able to spend time outdoors without worries.

Wet Wipes

There are innumerable occasions when wet wipes are indispensable. Ensure you pack a generous amount even for a short weekend trip.

Duct Tape

There are many things that can go wrong with equipment during a camping trip but don’t let that stop you. Equip yourself with a roll of duct tape, a marvellous invention that’s great for temporarily repairing what’s broken.


Camp sites may prohibit the collection of firewood at the site. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring the wood you’ll use for the bonfire. It could be a few kilos of extra baggage, but it will save you time and energy once you reach your destination.

Embarking on a camping trip requires a bit of preparation. But, if your first trip is a success, we’re sure it will be the first of many. Keep this list handy, so you’ll never leave home without forgetting something vital.

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electrical accessories

Safety and Efficiency When Undertaking Electrical Work

Electrical work can put you at risk of numerous mishaps including slips and falls and accidents caused by inadvertent electrical contact. This can also lead to delays in completing jobs.

The equipment used to complete tasks plays a crucial role in enabling the electrician to undertake and complete electrical repairs and other jobs safely. When using commercial bodies and ladders for these purposes, how can you ensure safety and efficiency?

When Loading Ladders and Other Equipment

If you’re using ladders, transport them on-site on service bodies that are specifically designed for them. When loading ladders and other equipment, accessories such as ladder racks are extremely helpful. These allow you to load and unload the ladders quickly, letting you get to work as soon as you arrive on the site.

Damage to equipment is expensive and slows down the work process since workers have to spend time fixing the equipment before proceeding with the job.

When Using the Equipment

Electrical jobs are sensitive undertakings and, to ensure safety while undertaking electrical work, you need to have a complete array of safety tools, including lights, sensors and batteries. Working from heights or on certain outdoor sites such as mining areas may be challenging. To avoid encountering wires and other electrical hazards, use lights and sensors while at work. Keeping spare light batteries handy is also essential, especially when completing jobs at night.

Safety and efficiency are vital considerations when carrying out electrical repairs. To ensure that tasks proceed smoothly, you can make use of the quality solutions offered by companies such as MFI Service Bodies.

A leading commercial body designer in Australia, we take pride in our commitment to safety and efficiency. Our comprehensive range of accessories and service bodies is ideal for your requirements. Get in touch with our team today and let us know how we can help you.

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Commercial Fleet

Three Essentials for Commercial Fleet Safety

No matter the size of your business, your vehicles are a valuable asset. Your fleet is responsible for the efficient execution and delivery of your transportation needs, especially if you run a product-focused company. Ensuring the safety of your fleet reduces unnecessary costs and builds a trustworthy reputation for your business.

Dashboard Cameras

Technology has proven to be helpful when it comes to fleet management. Over the years, dashboard cameras have become a staple to document fleet operations. Other than a way to monitor your driver’s efficiency and promote road safety, dash cam feeds provide evidence in cases of parking violations or traffic accidents. They also make it easier for insurance companies to arrive at a fair judgment when you present them with hard evidence, eliminating disputes and disagreements.

Driver’s Qualification and Training

It is extremely important to hire drivers with a current license, clean driving record and prior experience of driving commercial fit-outs. If they seem like strong candidates despite their lack of experience, however, it might be a good idea to invest in fleet training. In Australia, there are professional training programs that can educate drivers to safely operate commercial bodies. With proper knowledge of traffic laws and how to operate the vehicle, they will be safer drivers and less likely to be involved in accidents.   This is good for everyone and cuts down on company expenses caused by accidents.

Fleet Maintenance

Poorly maintained vehicles may lead to road accidents and vehicle breakdowns. Smart fleet maintenance is essential for safe operations and assures your clients that your fleet is running smoothly. Approach a professional servicer for your maintenance needs. Bill DeWitt, a manager of fleet advisors, also suggests that business owners should foster a good relationship between the mechanic and vehicle driver. Once the driver becomes part of the maintenance process, DeWitt remarked, they start to care.

Quality transportation is the key to flawless operations. Visit MFI Service Bodies and see your business thrive with professional commercial bodies services.

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Car Off-Roading in the Australian Outback

Safety Precautions for Off-Roading in the Australian Outback

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, and many of these stunning views are to be found in the Australian Outback. Yet, the Outback is also one of the most dangerous places in the country. Off-roading in the Outback, whether you are doing so for commercial or for recreational reasons, requires ample preparations and safety precautions.

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