If you run a business that requires the constant transportation of equipment, you may have a fleet of utility vehicles (Utes). Whether you need to carry small or large tools or transport bulky equipment, Utes are the easiest and most convenient way to bring your tools or equipment with you on the road. You can enhance your Ute by adding specific service body fit-outs that will allow you to safely carry and organise such items as toolboxes or heavy-duty equipment.

To ensure that your tools and equipment are secure in your vehicle, you might want to consider adding canopies to your fleet of commercial vehicles.

Securing Tools and Equipment

Utes are great for carrying equipment and tools, but if they are not secured or placed properly, they may get thrown around inside the Ute. Installing a canopy on your Ute provides safety and security to your stored equipment or tools. It also protects the inside of your vehicle by providing a dust and moisture-resistant feature to protect your tools and equipment from the harsh environment.

Immediately at Hand

Having canopies that allow you to organise and securely store your equipment means that you’ll arrive at the job ready to start. There’ll be no wasting time scrabbling for parts of tools that have slid around the back of the vehicle. Just open up the relevant compartments or pluck what you need from the built-in shelving and you’re good to go.

MFI’s Ute Canopies

MFI provides tough, lightweight canopies for commercial Utes that adhere to Australian safety standards. We have the technology and skills to customise any service body depending on your specifications. Our canopies ensure that your equipment is secured in your Ute safely.

If you want to inquire about our canopies for commercial service bodies, call 1300 634 669.