Advantages Drop-Side Tray Service Body

Advantages Of A Drop-Side Tray Service Body

Don’t you often wish you could lay your hands on the tool you are looking for instantly without having to search through a mess? When it comes to practicality, ute trays are among the most popular options for maximising the serviceability of your vehicle.

Not only are they beneficial when it comes to storing tools and equipment safely, but they also allow you to organise them in a way that makes it quick and easy to easily lay your hand on the right tool when you need it, saving you time and money. 

To help find the best configuration for your particular needs, we recommend you make a checklist of the exact items you need to store to help identify the best service body for your needs and enhance the practicality of your utility vehicle.

Advantages Of A Drop-Side Tray Service Body

At MFI Service Bodies our expert engineers and technicians will help you to customise and choose the right service body and add-on accessories to store all your essential tools and work supplies. A drop-side ute tray has one significant advantage in addition to the many other benefits – easy accessibility to storage space without having to climb onto the tray. 

This is particularly useful for tradies and those working in fields where many different tools are required. Many ute trays have additional features such as storage compartments for smaller tools or under-tray drawers to store bulkier emergency equipment such as jacks, jumper cables, cones, etc. Here are some of the advantages of having a drop-side tray service body fitted to your utility vehicle:

Flexibility To Add Multiple Accessories

This is a major benefit as every trade is different. A wide range of accessories is available as well as customisation options that make it possible to meet all the storage requirements for your particular business.

Advantages Drop-Side Tray Service Body

Enhanced Workflow

When it comes to storage, drop-side ute trays are ideal for accessing items organised in separate drawers and compartments. Tools and equipment stored in the right place will be easy to find which means you will save precious time previously lost looking for a specific tool at a job site.

Safety And Security

Ensuring the safety of tools and equipment is one of the major reasons why many tradesmen decide to have a service body fitted to their utility vehicles. Lockable toolboxes keep expensive equipment and tools safe and secure which means you no longer have to unload it at the end of the day to avoid theft. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort as you can safely leave your vehicle parked during the day or night without worrying about criminal elements.

Customisable Drop-side Service Bodies

Customisation allows you to choose exact sizes, materials, finishes, and colours. Aluminium is a preferred material as it is durable and can withstand any weather conditions without the risk of rust. Customisation allows you to transform your work vehicle into a personalised transport truck designed and manufactured by the highly experienced 4 x 4 accessory experts at MFI Service Bodies.

Protection From Weather And Dirt

A service body is designed to seal shut tightly, protecting your valuable tools and equipment as well as your vehicle from being damaged by weather and dirt. This will prolong the life of your vehicle as well as your valuable tools and equipment.

Advantages Drop-Side Tray Service Body

Adding Commercial Value To Your Vehicle

A quality fitted service body will add value to your vehicle when you wish to sell it in the future. A drop-side tray service body will appeal to others in the same field as they are highly sought after in the after-sales market which means you will get a higher price. Because service bodies protect your vehicle from exposure to harsh elements it will maintain its condition for longer.

Having a drop-side tray service body installed will not only greatly improve the serviceability of your vehicle, but also improve the aesthetics of your ute. It will make it look more professional and add legitimacy to your business, especially if you add advertising decals. 

Customers are more likely to perceive your business as more professional and have more confidence in your working ethic if you arrive in a professional-looking, well-organised service vehicle compared to driving up in a ute full of mess. 

Final Thoughts

If you have always dreamed of having a professional-looking service body fitted to your ute, give MFI Service Bodies a call and one of our expert technicians will be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.

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