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MFI Service Bodies

3 Year 100,000 KM Warranty

MFI service bodies are designed and manufactured with an unswerving commitment to quality. The designs focus on innovation and safety and on producing a tough and efficient solution to the customer’s request. Our most notable difference is our ability and our willingness to customise to meet that objective. While there are always options, only MFI is up to any customisation challenge.

We’re confident we design and build the best value custom service bodies in Australia. We support our customers’ success with safe, cost efficient fleets that maximise comfort and productivity and provide long productive service lives.

We support community organisations such as CFA and SES with particular innovations to make their valuable work easier and safer.

And our 4WD campers are made just as tough and versatile, and many have proven this by criss-crossing the continent time and time again.

So if you have a need for a service body of any sort, please contact us by phone or email. Our mission is to not disappoint you.