5 Top Benefits Service Lockup Module

5 Top Benefits Of A Service Lockup Module

Are you constantly rummaging through the mess in your van or ute trying to find the right tool for the job? Or are you looking for a well-organised work vehicle that will look more professional to current and potential customers? Whether you are a plumber, an electrician, or a carpenter, service trades all require a well-equipped work vehicle to complete the job properly and efficiently.

Therefore, a vehicle service body is just what you need! A service body can be as simple as having your ute customised with a lockup service body specifically designed for your particular job or industry. The right service body for your application has a variety of benefits and is an investment that will yield a significant return on your money in the future. Follow are the top 5 benefits of adding a service lockup module to your ute,

1). Increased Storage Space

The more efficiently you can organise your space the easier it is to find equipment and tools,  saving you time and making you more productive. Toolboxes offer limited space and require workers to reach high and low to access tools. 

However, customised service bodies contain integrated compartments on all sides of the ute bed, front, sides and rear of the axle, as well as directly above. Since the storage space is located on both sides of the body, users have quick and easy access to tools and equipment.  You can also have an open section in the middle of the bed that can be used for oversized items. 

5 Top Benefits Service Lockup Module

2). Lockup Feature Increases Security

A lockup module keeps your valuable tools, parts, and equipment safe from theft and protects it from inclement weather. A lockup service body allows you to leave your vehicle unattended without worrying about things going missing or damage being caused.

3). Improves Fuel Efficiency

Transporting tools and equipment in the back of your ute affects fuel efficiency due to the drag produced by the back-end of the vehicle. The higher the drag, the more fuel is needed to help overcome it. Because a service body is specifically contoured to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle, drag is significantly reduced, requiring less fuel to carry the same load.

4). Saves Time And Improves Productivity

Compartmentalising and organising storage space is a major benefit of fitting a service body. Utilising the space around the entire vehicle as well as the additional vertical space provided by a service body is a major benefit. It helps save time rummaging through your tools to find the right one. Completing a job in a shorter period of time will make your business more productive as it allows you to move onto the next job sooner and complete more jobs in a day.

5). Enhances Professionalism

Quality of service is often conveyed by first impressions. Whether sitting on a job site or in transit between jobs, your service vehicle is like a rolling billboard that represents your company’s image to everyone around. A messy and disorganised work vehicle does not convey an image of professionalism.  

You may be the most competent in your area of expertise, however, if your service vehicle does not match your quality of service, it will negatively affect a customer’s first impression. Utilising the integrated compartments for organisation also allows space on the side of your service body for high-quality signage. This will go a long way to achieving a positive first impression and attracting new business.

5 Top Benefits Service Lockup Module

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for multiple storage options for your work vehicle, a customised, lockup service body is your best solution. It offers a wide variety of functional options specifically geared towards helping you complete an on-site job more quickly and efficiently. 

MFI Service Bodies has years of industry experience and a team of professional engineers who understand the intricacies of what it takes to design and manufacture a service body that meets the unique needs of each individual customer. MFI can transform your ute or truck into a customised work vehicle that will improve your productivity, increase your security, and enhance your business image.

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