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One of our more popular services in Australia is RV Canopy builds and this doesn’t come as a surprise. According to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, 85% of Australians have participated in caravanning or camping. Here in Australia, camping is easy with many beautiful locations to visit around the country.

When packing for a camping trip, some essentials are obvious: clothes, the tent, blankets, bedding, etc. However, there are some things that might not be too obvious but are still very important.

Sturdy, Used Shoes

When hiking is part of the plan, it is necessary to bring the right footwear. But, before you go out to buy a pair of new boots, try on the old pair you already have. There is a good reason to prefer your familiar old footwear over a new pair of shoes: your old shoes are tried and tested. Just imagine realising an hour into the trek that your new boots are nipping your toes and giving you blisters.

Insect repellent

Some insects are harmless, and some are not. Insect repellent, whether a lotion or a spray, makes you unattractive to the biting critters. Be prepared to put the repellent on liberally and often, and you will be able to spend time outdoors without worries.

Wet Wipes

There are innumerable occasions when wet wipes are indispensable. Ensure you pack a generous amount even for a short weekend trip.

Duct Tape

There are many things that can go wrong with equipment during a camping trip but don’t let that stop you. Equip yourself with a roll of duct tape, a marvellous invention that’s great for temporarily repairing what’s broken.


Camp sites may prohibit the collection of firewood at the site. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring the wood you’ll use for the bonfire. It could be a few kilos of extra baggage, but it will save you time and energy once you reach your destination.

Embarking on a camping trip requires a bit of preparation. But, if your first trip is a success, we’re sure it will be the first of many. Keep this list handy, so you’ll never leave home without forgetting something vital.