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Product Innovation

Product Innovation - Case Study

The Client Detail
National fleet leasing company chose MFI Service Bodies for fleet vehicles involved in the
installation & servicing of fire sprinkler systems.

The Specification
Provide a fleet solution for lower-clearance, compact vehicle for low-level car park entry whilst maintaining spacious, practical design to fit large amounts of equipment. To be a strong practical workhorse and maintain professional appearance.

The Problem
Large variety of different vehicle configurations across the existing fleet, problematic due to vehicle/employee swapping. Non-leaking and durable solution essential.Previous operational clutter issues. TARE weight down was a major concern.

Key Issue
OH&S: the weight of the pipe-threading machine created a hazard & required a two man lift and tied up valuable man hours better utilised elsewhere.

The MFI Solution
Internal partition layout & vertical stacked 4-draw system to counter the excessive weight, tool disarray & surplus materials storage. Easy access to both tools and materials increased job efficiency, reducing time wastage, work hazards and employee risk.


MFI Innovation
MFI lifting crane for the pipe-threader. This hoist was engineered & fabricated to operate the to-site unit without two staff being necessary. Previously, two employees had been tied to the job directly as a result of the heavy and awkward lifting involved.

Reducing man-power, the hoist eliminated OH&S risk by removing opportunity for accidents & work claims.

Features & Advancements
Durable long lasting bodies met safety and OH&S concerns.
Practical, clean and professional setup.
Innovative new product development to suit client requirements.