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ALUCA dimension2 ALUCA dimension2

ALUCA dimension2

Exclusive to MFI Service Bodies

100% aluminium, sleek design. From Germany, the most efficient drawer system available today.

ALUCA dimension2 (available soon)

Light, strong and efficient, the innovative underfloor storage system


ALUCA dimension2 creates order and turns commercial vehicles into miracles of space.

ALUCA dimension2 is 100% aluminium, extremely lightweight and sturdy: maximum vehicle payload with minimum empty weight.



The facts:


Aluca Dimension 2

  • 4 widths, 8 depths and 5 heights
  • Drawers with heavy-duty rails
  • Drawer distribution load of up to 80 kg
  • Adjustable dividers and compartment walls
  • Central locking mechanism and safety latch
  • Drawer runner can be divided
  • Top panel distribution load of up to 700 kg
  • Crush protection

Aluca Dimension 2

ALUCA dimension2 – where design meets space efficiency




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